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The Man?s Free Picks: 2002-2003 Highlights

All FREE plays documented by my site, the message board, and the over 100+ gamblers that receiver our newsletter!!!


ALL CAPPERS ? ALL 2* or higher NFL and CFB Plays: 156-121-7  56.3% +57.8 Units
*** 1* plays have been generally regarded as opinions and have always hit around 50%
THE MAN ? ALL 3* and 4* NBA and CBB Plays: 61-44-1  58.1%  +46.8 Units
*** 1* and 2* plays are opinions and strong opinions that I do not lay money on and hit around 50%
NCAA Software 88-66-3 57.1% +15.4 Units
*** Record based upon closing lines only

All PAY plays documented by the message board and our clientele!!!

PAY PLAYS (Through 02/28/03)

SYSTEM PLAYS 334-243-10  57.9%  +70.3 Units
*** This includes the phased out system that went 44-45-3
*** Early on the system was free and the plays I posted each night made a tidy profit as well


The Highlights

The Man 2002-2003
3* NFL Sides 17-14-3
2* NCAAF Sides 31-20-2
3* & 4* NBA and CBB Plays: 61-44-1  +46.8
NCAA Software 88-66-3 57.1% +15.4 Units

Bear Fan 2002-2003
5* NFL GOY Seattle -2.5 over Minnesota WIN
5* NFL GOY2 Tampa +4 over Oakland WIN
5* NCAAF GOY Maryland -11.5 over UNC
WIN 59-7
3* NFL Locks 14-5-1 Preseason to Superbowl
2* Plays 32-20-1 Preseason to Superbowl

The Man 2002
NCAA Hoops 73-62-3 +30.0 Units
Top Rated 4* NCAA Sides 7-2-1 +19.2 Units
NCAA Tourney Sides  22-17-0 +6.2 Units
NFL Win\Loss Totals 7-5-1 +2.95 Units
Preseason NFL 13-7 +4.2 Units
NBA Hoops  19-14-2 +3.6 Units
NBA Sides  11-5-1 +5.5 Units

The Man 2001
NBA Total 58-44-5 +9.6 Units

The NFL Guru 2001
NFL Overall  58-42  58.0% +26.5 Units
2* NFL Sides 26-8 (76.5%)

Bear Fan's Plays 2001
NFL Total  101-69-4  58.8%  +34.9 Units
5* GOY Winner
3* GOY Side, Total and Lock of the Day 2-1

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