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Tommy of Escondido's Alien Fonts

Ratings & Awards Page

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Introduction & info

StarTrek Alien fonts

Babylon 5 Alien fonts

Other SF Alien fonts

FTP info & annotated Links

How To Font

Dune Chakobsa Language

Games & Textfiles

Ratings & Awards received, here



STWWW rating
Our Lt. Commander rating by Luca S. for StarTrek WWW.

StarTrek: The Final Frontier rating
Our Captain rating on the StarTrek: The Final Frontier list.

Our Commander rating on Quadrant-A Continuum list.

SafeSurf Rated Family Friendly Site RSAC Rated IRCA Rated
Various web rating organizations for children.


Top de award
Our first award, Dec 21, 1996.

Pickover Award
July 27,1997 - Thank you, Cliff!

tholian excellence award
This site was awarded the Tholian Web Website of Excellence Award Scheme on
July 28, 1997. Thank you Roy!

Sage's Fun Award
July 28, 1997 - Thank you, Sage!

U.P.A. Award
July 28, 1997 - Thank you, Dan!

FEK'LHR Appoved Site
July 31, 1997 - Thank you, Anthony!

Craig's Excellence Award
July 31, 1997 - Thank you, Craig!

Sci-Fi Central Award
Aug 13, 1997 - Thank you, Chris!
Locutus Award
Aug 23, 1997 - Thank you Locutus!

Forbidden Planet Krell Award
By the Forbidden Planet Movie home page
Sept 11, 1997 - Thank you Duo!

INN UFP award
Oct 24, 1997 - Thank you Adm. D. Drake!

Renegade rating
Our Lt. Commander rating on Renegade's trek list.

Nov 10, 1997 - Thank you Hrvoje Fucek!

Divine Treasury Award 85K
By the Ferengi Cultural Hub
Nov 10, 1997 - Thank you Marek!

Starbase 261 rating
Nov 14, 1997 - Our Intrepid rating by Starbase 261.

4 bar award
Tommy of Escondido's Alien Fonts Page
Has been awarded the
Best of the Net Award
for the outstanding job on your
Alien Fonts website!!
Keep up the Great Work!!
Congrats! ~Dar
Nov 12, 1997 - Thank you Dar!

U.S.S. Uranus Master of Trek award
Nov 29, 1997 - Thank you Lorenzo!

 ABCdarium award
The Abecedarium Golden 'A' Excellence Award
Dec 27, 1997 - Thank you Richard Tuttle!

Q & Borg award
Dec 21, 1997 - Thank you, Oh Omnipotent Borg!

Quark's Bar Award/Rating
April 11, 1998 - Thank you Brendan Ellis!
Admiral's Choice Special Award
April 5, 1998 - Thank you Steve Nibbelink!

Exolang Award
Exolang Award
March 29, 1999 - Thank you Bruce V. Bracken!
Sector 14 award
Babylon 5 Sector 14 Award
April 1, 1999 - Thank you Ciaran Bradley!

Babylon5 Gold Triluminary Award
April 2, 1999 - Thank you Ghostheart!
IKV Stormrunner award
IKV Stormrunner award
August 15, 1999 - Thank you Kelvin Kittrell!

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