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Here are the StarTrek® fonts arranged by Series and Race.

Major Races seen in all series




Dominion/Jem Hadar

canon Ferengi &
Tim Miller Ferengi

Old Style Klingon® Hollow &
New Style Klingon® Q'onos

Rihannsu Romulan


Old Vulcan beta release &
Modern Vulcan

Races seen in TOS




Races seen in TNG & DS9


El Aurian



Bak'u &



Races seen in Voyager

Kazon NEW!





Status of Other Projects

Taresian is still in development.

others on list

Most of these fonts were done by Tommy of Escondido, unless otherwise noted.

If you have any comments, corrections or suggestions for me, you can email me at: b_debaan@hotmail.com. I especially would like source info, like screen captures of letters of the not fonted trek languages or other SF languages not yet fonted.

All of our font collections come in Windows'® Truetype® format, and include Microsoft Write® documentation containing keymappings and examples. These fonts are 'Charity-ware'. (Meaning: if you like the fonts and plan to use them, please give a little more than usual to your favorite charities such as the Salvation Army, United Way, or others the next time you have a chance.)

Of course, klinzhai, tholian and gornathon & various human fonts are available on other sites thru the fonts section of the links page.

Star Trek® , Star Trek:The Next Generation®, Star Trek:Deep Space Nine®, Star Trek:Voyager® The Borg® and all other related characters, names, material, and other related indicia are the copyright and trademarks of "Paramount Pictures" and "Viacom", ©tm;
1996 "Paramount Pictures Entertainment Co.", a "Viacom" company, all Rights Reserved.
All images, logos and material thus protected by ©, ® and TM are used without any commercial purpose.
No infringement of existing legal rights is intended.

ftp TTConverter Attention Mac Users! Here you can get a utility, called TTConverter, to convert PC Windows True Type Fonts into a Mac usable Post Script I format. TTConverter is compressed into SIT format, so you will need STUFFIT to decompress the program. For more information on how it is used, go to Mary Forrest's Page.

ftp bajoran pic of bajoran font
Bajoran There are two Bajoran fonts: Bajoran ancient and modern. Bajoran modern has only 12 regular and 1 uncommon characters, and the characters are used in any of 4 rotations. [only 2 included.] Since Bajoran modern was so skimpy, an Ancient Bajoran font is also included. It is based only on one sketch of one monument used in one episode that I happened to find in the book The Making of Deep Space Nine. Bajoran is often written up and down like chinese.
For more info about the Bajoran language visit The Bajoran Archives, an encyclopedia with Bajoran phrase book.
view a pic of fan proposed bajoran phonetics.
I recently got some screen captures of "The Reckoning". They showed the previous language out of which the present modern Bajoran developed. Jadzia Dax's translation program split the older form into 2 letters for the modern form. This shows Bajoran requires an even number of modern characters to form a word or idea.
I will try to font the older form some time in the future.

ftp borg a picture of borg font
Borg I have examined StarTrek: First Contact and ST:Voyager - ScorpionII for Borg lettering, some of the newer books & Elmo of Borg sent me screen captures from the Game ST:BORG. There is one form declared as alpha-numerics and 2 more forms that might be writing that I can tell:

Thanks to Elmo Of Borg for scanning and the source material for Borg, and to everyone else for their encouragement. Also check out the Krenim below for a similar style of writing.

ftp cardassian pic of cardassian
Cardassian There is only one Cardassian font, but with two character styles in it because there were so few letters. Cardassian can be written in many different ways. Letters seems to be usable as: upside down, backwards, run together, and distorted into wide low 'fat' shapes. However, they are always the same set of letters. This font does not include all forms/rotations of each letter, it only includes two basic forms.
For more info visit The Cardassian Encyclopedia Web Page, which has lots of info including language & the Author Esther Schrager page for her Kardassi language.

ftp dominion pic of dominion
Dominion This font is mostly based on the Written Language section of the newest version of The StarTrek® Encyclopedia. All characters & symbols are canon. I saw no numbers. I have made most characters to be usable as both rightside up & upside down, since the book showed them both ways. I thought it could also be written vertically, but I couldn't find my source for that.
There is only one Dominion font that seems to be used by the Shapeshifters, Jem Hadar, and Vorta. Perhaps the Tosk & Hunter/Navigators and the Kareema traders also use it.

ftp ferengi a picture of the ferengi canon font
Ferengi There are three Ferengi fonts: Ferengi Gothic, and Ferengi right and left. The Ferengi alphabet has more letters than the English, and these fonts also include 2 rotations of the letters each. The Gothic style was only fonted in the right hand style, as it was the only style that was used in the episodes. Ferengi has a peculiar written paragraph format.

ftp tim-ferengi pic of tim-ferengi font
Tim Miller Ferengi. This font is the beta version thus far. It is designed to be semi-canon so as to fit with Timothy Miller's designed Ferengi language. It is 98% complete but is unlikely to get much further soon, as Tim has moved on to other things. (We have to figure out the numbers and punctuation yet, if any.)
Universal Survey of Languages: Ferengi has Tim Miller's feregni language.

ftp klingon Qo'nos sample of klingon Qo'nos font
Klingon® Qo'nos by Mike H. Lee & Josh Dixon. This is in the more modern style, Klingon (Qo'noS) font comes from the Star Trek Encyclopedia, the Next Generation & the Trek Movie The Undiscoved Country. The letters "A" thru "R" and "Z" are canon. Klingon (Qo'noS) goes left to right. On the percent key this font also has a Klingon ceremonial banner in it.
Michael Lee 9-7-98
ftp klingon hollow a picture of the klingon hollow font
Klingon® Hollow by Tommy. There are two Klingon TOS fonts: Klinzhai and Klinzhai Hollow. The Klinzhai font was originally created years ago by Dr. Lawrence M. Schoen, and is based on the Klingon® alphabet used in the original StarTrek® series. I have added to the original by creating a hollow or outline version of the font. If you want Klinzhai itself, or if you have & use it, please visit the KLI & pay a shareware fee for their fonts.

Support the KLI!
Today, Dr. Schoen is the Director of the non-profit organization: the Klingon Language Institute (KLI). Dr. Schoen explains that the alphabet represented by the Klinzhai font can not be used for actually writing the Klingon language, and it is not pIqaD. It simply a collection of Klingon-looking symbols that were used to resemble Klingon writing. BUT the KLI has organized their pIquaD font to mesh with the accepted Klingon language sounds. People interested in learning the Klingon language and the accepted writing system to go along with pIqaD font, should contact the KLI for study materials and fonts:

For another SHAREWARE version of pIqaD visit a multilingual page by a Finn, it has his version hidden there - it may take some hunting.

ftp rihannsu romulan romulan font pic
Rihannsu Romulan, by Mike H. Lee, Josh Dixon & Tommy. This font uses the same Romulan® script seen on the shows & movies, the new encyclopedia was used as a major source. It is completely canon. There is another Romulan® font out there, but we feel this one is better. To avoid confusion we have named this one Rihannsu, in honor of Diane Duane's books. Romulan® is usually written up & down. The % key is the Romulan® warbird symbol.

ftp trill trill font pic
Trill. This font is based on the Written Language section of the newest version of The StarTrek(tm) Encyclopedia. "c"-"k" are canon, "A"-"Z" are inverted colors. The rest ["l-z", "L-Z"] are just rotations of canon letters to fill out the font keyboard. I saw no numbers. Trill seems to be written vertically, although it could also be used horizontally. 1-04-98. Due for update soon! I have some new source material from Ezri Dax's visit home.

ftp Vulcan beta release pic of vulcan script
Beta Release: Old Vulcan. Here is a Beta Release of Old Vulcan. It is very very difficult to font well and I am not satisfied at all with the result of the script so far. However, I am sick of working on it, so at the request of several fans, I am giving you this Beta. It may never be finished any further by me, or it might. Other fans may try to font it and may do a better job. The more power to them!
This Beta contains both the Calligraphy version and the Lineal version of the symbols. These symbols each seem to represent a complete phrase or sentence, not a letter nor a word.
Meanwhile take a look at
Marketa Zvelebil's home page, creator of the Vulcan language.
Here is Quozl's [a fan] view: it's a cursive script (like Arabic), written vertically, in columns left-to-right, like Mongolian. The _big_ difference is that it's a syllabary (ref: "Unification", Pts. ! & 2), rather than an alphabet; in other words, each character in the string is a syllable.... :)
Elmo Of Borg is working on a translation system to Vulcan Grammar. Good Luck!

ftp modern vulcan modern vulcan pic
Modern Vulcan v1.1 . This font is based on a GIF Josh Dixon sent me, the symbols of which showed up on a DS9 shipping case from Vulcan, & in such cannisters seen in movie ST IV. In that movie, & in TNG episode "Unification" part 1&2, Vulcan can be seen to written vertically - up/down. Also in the semi-canon novel Spock's World it is mentioned that T'Pau wrote downward. I do not know if the symbols mean letters/sounds, words, sentences like old Vulcan or something else. Thanks for the info Josh Dixon! His source GIF is included. 1-03-98.
Updated 1-08-98

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ftp andorian picture of Andorian font
Andorian by Mike H. Lee & Mike Dolan. This non-canon font is based on the Last Unicorn Games Star Trek RPG Sourcebook "Among the Clans: The Andorians". This is listed as part of their "Alien Intelligence" series of sourcebooks. Their Andorian spoken language itself is called Graalen, and the written version is Graalek. For further info on this constructed non-canon language, buy the book!
This is the only Andorian font I know of, so here it is. There are other fan created and equally valid Andorian languages that can be linked through my link page. However these do not have any script that I know of. 6-24-2000
(Btw: I do know Andorians have been glimpsed in other series, but I think it belongs here in TOS section.)

ftp fabrini picture of fabrini font
Fabrini by Mike H. Lee & Josh Dixon. This font is based on the original StarTrek® episode For The World Is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky in which the Fabrini's writing was seen inside their asteriod ship on the walls, on an obelisk and in a book. The font is canon "A" thru "Z" and "1" thru "3", Mike made up the rest.
note: Fabrini seems to be ideographic, that is: each symbol represents a word; and Fabrini seems to be written both left to right, like i do here, and in triangluar form, as in the GIF above:
Source Gif included of the triangular writing. 7-20-97.
10-30-97 Updated.

ftp preserver picture of Preserver
Preserver by Mike H. Lee & Josh Dixon. This font is based on the original StarTrek® episode The Paradise Syndrome in which the Preserver writing is to be found on an obelisk (An asteroid deflector) on the planet, left by the Preservers centuries ago. [The Preservers are an unknown race that moved American Indians to another planet.]
The font is all canon. It was claimed in the show that the symbols are not words but musical notes, tones that correspond to an alphabet. The language's direction of writing is uncertain, but probably left to right. Source Gif included. 8-7-97.
10-30-97 Updated.

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ftp binar picture of binar font
Binar. This font is based on the Next Generation® episode in which the Binar's writing was seen. Thanks to Joseph M. Osborne for scanning and the source material for Binar.

ftp El Aurian picture of El Aurian
El Aurian: I have used as the source some El Aurian [Guinan's people] lettering on Dr. Soran's rocket controls in the movie StarTrek: Generations®. El Aurian seems to have two types of writing - one looks a bit like scribbles, the second like it has been turned into geometric non-flowing printing for computers. I put both into one font - minors (a-n) for the scribble, and capitals (A-Y) for the geometric. The El Aurian number system seems to be quintal [0 to 4]. For example: 10 quint = 5 decimal, 133 quint = 73 decimal. [I think] El Aurians seem to prefer downward writing of lettering and numbers, not left to right. However, for technical reasons I had to fit the characters in sideways. When you print it out or put it into a graphic, make sure you rotate it a 1/4 turn.

ftp Iconian picture of Iconian font
Iconian by Mike H. Lee. This Iconian font comes from 1989 Star Trek: The Next Generation® episode Contagion and the Deep Space Nine® episode To the Death. The Canon letters are (A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I,J,N,O) and the Canon numbers are (1 thru 5). These canon letters and numbers are the best that I could pick out. The percent key has the Iconian symbol in it.The rest of the font was invented by Mike. Iconian is written both horizontally & vertically, your choice.
Michael Lee 2-17-99

ftp malcorian picture of malcorian font
Malcorian by Mike H. Lee & Josh Dixon. This Malcorian font comes from the 1989 Star Trek Next Generation® episode First Contact. All of the font is canon. The Malcorians seem to write left to right as well as up and down.

ftp Bak'u picture of Bak'u font
Bak'u by Mike H. Lee. This Ba'ku font comes from a Bak'u children's book seen in the 1999 movie StarTrek: Insurrection®. All the letters are canon.
See also the related Son'a. They were once the same Alien race. Ba'ku is shown written vertically down.
Michael Lee 2-15-99

ftp Son'a picture of Son'a font
Son'a by Mike H. Lee. This Son'a font comes from the 1999 movie StarTrek: Insurrection®. All of the font is canon.
See also the related Bak'u. They were once the same Alien race. Son'a is shown written horizontally.
Updated 2-11-00: new symbol in the "period"

ftp Sheliak picture of Sheliak font
Sheliak by Mike H. Lee. This Sheliak font comes from 1989 Star Trek:The Next Generation® episode Ensigns of Command. The Canon letters are (A thru T), the rest of the font was invented by Mike.
The source info comes from Tommy. Sheliak is written left to right.

ftp Tkon picture of Tkon font animated GIF of Tkon
Tkon by Mike H. Lee. This Tkon font comes from 1987 first season Star Trek:The Next Generation® episode The Last Outpost. The Canon letters are (A thru Z) and the Canon numbers are (0 thru 2). These canon letters and numbers are the best that Mike could pick out. The percent key has the Tkon symbol in it.The rest of the font was invented by Mike. The source info comes from Tommy.
Tkon is a complex language we can not get completely right with present font technology, because the Tkon letters for a word seem to be written on top of each other. To write Tkon correctly you need something like the animated GIF above. The words themselves seem to seem to be written from left to right.

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ftp nyrian picture of nyrian font
StarTrek® NyrianThis font is based on the episode "Displaced" of StarTrek: Voyager® in which the "hijacker" Nyrian lettering is shown on their computer screens. Nyrian seems to be written up/down, with only 15 basic shapes that were rotated and flipped to give 58 characters on the Nyrian computer screens. I used "A-Z, a-z" and "1-6" to fit all the characters.

ftp kazon kazon font pic NEW!!
Kazon, fonted by Paul Michael Basehore. This entire font is canon, except the number 4 [which was invented], and Paul's source is the ST:Encyclopedia. The dots and dashes seen in the source pic are now the numbers and the punctuation, respectively, in the font.

ftp krenim krenim font pic
Krenim. John Daniel sent me a great source GIF for this font used in a series of StarTrek Voyager® episodes. These time-manipulating aliens seem to write in a left to right manner very like the Borg! The Borg use circles, the Krenim ellipses. Like the Borg, the Krenim link things with wavy lines, but also have various circles & lines going vertical. Perhaps there is some ancient link between the two, or perhaps this script similarity is because they both have to represent something about time manipulation?

ftp vidiian vidiian font pic
Vidiian, by Mike H. Lee, Josh Dixon & Tommy. This font uses the same Vidiian script seen on the Voyager® episodes, all of the font come from the Star Trek Encyclopedia and is canon except for the following letters: J,K,N,P,Q,R - these letters are made up to fill the font, but follow the Vidiian style. Vidiian is usually written left-right, with occasional lines connecting legs for some unknown grammatical reason. Some characters can overlap others, so you can "create" new characters.
The lines connecting the legs were especially hard to get right, a variety of lengths are included in the font for you to experiment with.

ftp voth picture of voth font
Voth ,This font is based on the episode of StarTrek Voyager® "Distant Origins" in which the advanced dinosauriod Voth lettering is shown on the screens. It is ususually written downward in columns, left to right. The GIF above shows the lettering used when earth pic was on the console, so I assumed it meant either Earth [dirt], Terra, Origin planet, or Home.
updated 2-17-98 with captials duplicated from minors, some spacing changes.

Taresian pic NOT YET AVAILABLE: Taresian. This font is based on the episode of StarTrek Voyager® "Favorite Son" in which the "black widow" Taresian lettering is shown on the walls. It may be done next summer. Note this sample pic is very crude, I should have made it more curvy.

Other projects : other fonts I, Tommy, have been asked to do, but have not gotten source code for yet [or time] are from the New ST Encyclopedia. Feel free to request more, or to emphasise which you prefer I work on next. Priority goes to people who send video captures or scanned source material!

Other Languages: in the new ST Encyclopedia there are sections [Consoles, Signage, Symbols & Written Languages] that show samples of trek languages. Some I have not seen before are Iconian, and a lot more minor one show races, as well as the Major Races that have already been fonted here and elsewhere. I plan to do some of these, because some fans made requests!.
My local TV station dropped StarTrek Voyager®, so I have not been able to capture anything from the last few seasons. Those of you who want one of the later seen aliens languages fonted need to e-mail screen captures to us.

If you still can't find the Alien, Fantasy, Human or StarTrek® - inspired Windows® TrueType® font that you're looking for, you may want to visit some of the font web site(s) on my Other page's Font Links section!

If you would like more information about fan developed StarTrek® languages, about trek alien races or about other aliens, then you should visit the great web pages on my trek, B5, & general SF sections of Tommy's recommended link list!

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