Soltarius' Tower

As you press the stone inset into the wyvern statue, your surroundings blur once again...

You suddenly feel drained.

[Black Tower, Eternal Library]

You stand on a beautiful marble floor, and are surrounded to your left and right by gigantic modwir bookcases, that stretch upwards into darkness as far as you can see. To your left are cases of blue books, which show moving pictures, depicting images of past adventures throughout your life. The title and contents of each book are whatever you think of, and you could spend hours reminiscing over your life, since everything seems to be there. To your right are red books, and when you peer into them you see volumes of information that can help you in your future, almost as if someone had left them there for you to gaze upon and learn. You also see a wyvern statue.

Obvious exits: north, south

>push stone

Soltarius' Item List and Price Guide
The largest Item Guide in the lands, with prices and item stats for over a thousand non-unique items!

>read tome about

AI Crystal...Written by Professor Ceranis.
Archery...Truebolt's Archery Guide
Armor...Greylyn Mistdweller's Armor Guide, the best I've seen anywhere!
Breakage...Breakage facts from the ICE age, author unknown, may help speculate new system.
Deeds...This is a deed calculator program
Dragon Bones...Author Unknown
Elanthian History - Part 1
Elanthian History - Part 2
Elanthian History - Part 3
Elanthian History - Part 4
Elanthian Lore - Broken Lands
Elanthian Lore - Darkstone Castle
Elanthian Lore - Icemule Trace
Elanthian Lore - Melgorehn's Reach
Elanthian Lore - Ruin Creek
Elanthian Lore - Shadow Valley
Elanthian Lore - The Tale of Elvanion
Elanthian Lore - Wehnimer's Landing Graveyard
Elanthian Quests - The Baron and the Crystal
Elanthian Quests - Vvrael, the Stones, and the Chosen (from the Elanthian Times) Mithadris Shytok Of Ghul Relkur Silvanthas
Food...Lord Cyphier's Gastronomic Guide
Foraging...Lord Trachten's Foraging Guide.
Gems...Created by me, includes Teras and Special gems.
Gods...Created by Simutronics, and I haven't seen a better guide to Elanthian deities yet.
House Creation...Guide to creating offical houses, by Simutronics
Humor...This is a laugh riot, a must read!
Hunting...Lord Xayd's guide to hunting as a spellcaster.
Imbedding...Guide to Imbedding for Sorcerors by Lady Bloodsnake.
Iron...Guide to Making Iron by Klichzaph.
Lockpicking...Lockpicking Guide By Kodie.
Skill Training...A list of the training point costs for each skill and profession.
Skinning...Skinning Guide by Strandex.
Spells...Longer Simutronics descriptions of spells.
Spells - Minor Spirit...Nice short and concise descriptions of the spells of 100's circle.
Spells - Major Spirit...Nice short and concise descriptions of the spells of 200's circle.
Spells - Cleric...Nice short and concise descriptions of the spells of 300's circle.
Spells - Minor Elemental...Nice short and concise descriptions of the spells of 400's circle.
Spells - Major Elemental...Nice short and concise descriptions of the spells of 500's circle.
Verbs...A complete Verb List by Chrysandra Darksoul
Voln...Voln guide by Lord Morandas Vinewise
Weapons vs. Armor Table...Great and informative table for all weapons vs. armor AvD's and Damage Factors

>read profession tome about

Bards...By Thaerin Plainsinger.

Clerics...By Lord Thronsor Oraclefire.

Empaths...By Lord Banauge.

Rangers...By Ariek Treefire.
Rangers...By Lord Bladepoint Hinsdale.
Rangers...By Taru Sumithsu.
Rangers...By Ransom.

Rogues...By Kupac.
Rogues...By Lord Quiet.

Sorcerors...Author Unknown
Sorcerors...By Kyrius Soulaikken.

Wizards...By Lord Soltarius Laredus.
Wizards...By Legend Lord Dartaghan Darkstar.
Wizards...By Tenser.
Wizards...By Zanagan Drakenwolf.