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-TIPQCAA Objectives, Future Plans and Projects,
Benefits of Becoming a TIPQCAA  Member;
Announcement for TIPQC alumni (
1. TIPQCAA will celebrate its Fifth (5th) Anniversary on May 26, 2006;
2. Tuition Fee Discount for TIPQCAA / TIPAA  Dependents)
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-To be included in our Directory of TIPQC graduates, fill-up the form on this page and send it back to us through email. All applications are subject for verification
-To register as TIPQCAA Member, fill-up the form on  this page. All applications are subject for verification
-Reporting updates re TIP alumni, students and the  institution  and Other News Stories
- This page provides schedule on meetings, plans,  plays, lectures, seminars and other public events
- If you wish to give comments, suggestions,          inquiries or letter to TIPQCAA officers, other TIP graduates,  instructors and school officials, we encourage you to send them to us and have them published on this page
-If you would like to share scanned photos     (especially those taken during your college years), send them to us through email
- Advertise your products and/or services on this  page. For more information, please call us at 0922-4871748 or email us
-For the benefit of the newly and unemployed          graduates, we encourage firms, companies and corporations to advertise job vacancies on this page for free (SEARCHBANK - looking for Sales Engineer for a Multinational UPS Provider Company; and
are  in need of the following personnel : Accounting Clerk ; Encoder/Programmer; Receptionist ; Cadet/Sales Engineer)
- On this page will be featured graduates who have their own inspirational stories to share
- Personal adventures, experiences, stories, poems, songs and essay
Ground Floor Building IV, TIP QC Campus,
938 Aurora Boulevard, Cubao, Quezon City,  Philippines
Mobile No.: 0922-4871748
e-mail address: tipqcaa@hotmail.com
will celebrate its 5th Anniversary on May 27, 2006.

Job Fair          8am to 1pm              PE Hall 1 and 2
Grand Alumni Homecoming   1 pm to 5 pm   PE Center

For more details, please call 613-2868 or 0906-4727572. Look for Minnie Baldres.

We are cordially inviting all TIP Graduates to join TIPQCAA

We  also  encourage  TIP  Alumni  to  donate  either  in  Cash ,  any  Reading  Materials  [ Books  or Professional Magazines ] ,  Laboratory  tools  or  instruments,  Computer,  Printer .

We are now gathering data for the DIRECTORY PROJECT
(TIPQC Alumni 1985 - 2005).
JOIN TIPQCAA and submit the necessary requirements
for you to be included in the project.

Membership Application is available through:

1.  On-line Application (please download the form in the Registration Page) www.oocities.org/tipqcaa and submit to tipqcaa@hotmail.com 
2.  Membership Forms are available at the Alumni Office, 2nd Floor Building 4, TIPQC Campus (look for Ms. Che).

Procedures in processing application for TIPQCAA membership (
Registration Page)

*** March 1985 - October 2004 graduates, please text or call
TIPQCAA Secretary Minnie Baldres at
0922-4871748 for payment of Membership Fee.
Receipt will be issued upon payment.

We accept check payments (payable to TIPQCAA) for Membership Fees/Donations/Sponsorship/Solicitation  

Requirements: 1.  Filled-up TIPQCAA Membership Form ;
2.  3 copies 1x1 ID picture ;
3.  P300 Membership Fee or  TIP/TIPQCAA Receipt

*** Your Alumni Membership Card or Alumni Membership Fee Receipt (TIPQC or TIPQCAA) will serve as a gatepass to TIPQC Campus and Library.

For inquiries re membership application/donation/sponsorship, comments and suggestions, 
e-mail us at tipqcaa@hotmail.com or call/text TIPQCAA Secretary at 0922-4871748.

Help us achieve our objectives.  Be part of our mission, Join TIPQCAA!!!

Please visit this site for further announcement. Thank you!
Tickets for the GRAND ALUMNI HOMECOMING are available at ABC BICYCLE CENTER (near TIPQC Aurora Gate) at
Php 220.00. Please look for Ms. Letty Caamic.