photo album : hall of fame : room #1

Photos that should be too old to be on display but too good to be removed....


marlboro man Do my parents look cool? My mother's glasses goes very well with my father's shirt. Not. p Where is the bathroom?
yummy, yummy, yummy, I got food in my tummy I can have some. you're in the army now My dad's father in the army.
three stooges The Ivarssons are in the city. My grandfather, father and uncle. daddy kool My Hollywood-star-look-alike grandmother, my dad and my great grandmother.
eat for a lifetime Spending quality time with my brother after a day of fishing. rally And my passion for cars started early in life... :) Check out the fashion in the early eighties.


drink John, Kopp, Sandy and Tisell taking a beer (well, actually a couple of beers...). kool dude Deb, me and Minori playing kool.
nice hat My brother and Jonas preparing for a night's out Christmas Day 1999. Here we can see the latest dance moves as well as the latest hat fashion. yiehaw Like mother, like daughter.
70's John McEnroe and Björn Borg. band aid Me & Roffe having a Miller time.
what about product placement? EJ and me at a birthday dinner. colgate smile My good friend John and I are trying some toothpaste.
mattias On a visit to Stockholm with my late friend, Mattias Björkman, a loooong time ago... We were very good friends. reagge man Deborah and I at the reggae festival in late August of 1998.
alright Mr. Acura with Mrs. and Mr. Volkswagen glamour shot At Casi's crib. Fredrik is seeing a bird. No. A plane? No. It's superman. Jonas has about... that much selfesteem. Roffe is enjoying his position. I am looking like a playboy. Casi & Michelle is trying to figure out who these whacky guys are.
surfer My friend and ex-roommate, Jonas "I wish I could go to Australia and surf" Tisell, in Varberg drinking ice-cold beer. queen&princess Sharen and Little Lisa.
Photo courtesy of the Åbergs


crowd The Hooray-I-got-a-job-party. From the left: Roffe, John, Mike, Cammie, Carleanna, Tisell, Kopp (back), Patrizia, Rene, Valerie and Katie. åhh millennium två New Year's Eve 1999 - the magical night I celebrated with my brother at one of the best parties last millennium. The girl we ran in to in downtown Göteborg...
party Halloween 1999: Andy, Ola, cute girl, Death and the Fog. alcohol gives you green hair... He, he, he, that was a good party... What you see is a new drinking device that gives you green hair, and you have to have the protective eyewear. Kids, don't try this at home.
beautiful women New Year's Eve 1998: What is a party without beautiful women? boogie nights New Year's Eve 1998: And of course, my famous John Travolta impersonation.
good start Since we were lost vikings in Florida we needed to be loyal and start celebrating the New Year in Sweden at 6pm, Florida time. Then we celebrated the New Year in England, Portugal and all the way to Florida and we continued all the way to California too... midnight special New Year's Eve 1998: And midnight finally came and a new year began and everyone was happy ever after.
colgate See, no cavities. Not me. Not Katie. Not Alex. Not Jörgen. after nine coronas Sandy, Katie and me enjoying a cold Corona.
crazy dudes Catherine & Daniel post-wedding party:
The man, Swiss Army Guy, Drunk.
EJ&T Catherine & Daniel post-wedding party:
Beautiful women were talking to me,
village people Catherine & Daniel post-wedding party:
and my brother was entertaining Columbians on the dance floor.
touchdown... Celebrating Vicky's birthday at a UCF's last football game. They lost.
wet party Later that Midsummer 2001... Stefan went to bed too early according to the rest of us. dancing queen As every good party, Jonas' bachelor party ended with... erhm, dancing. Here we see a professional lady and three happy guys.
huggies Tisell, Roffe, Anja on the Christmas Day party 2001. Erhm, 'nuff said... play pool Pär's bachelor party ... three hours later, Manu is getting up from the pool...
just another 12 years... Every party needs its designated drivers. Who can be better than Mahalja and Lisa? pole position Instant Midsummer Pole 2k2. Plastic and duct-tape...
carpe cerevisi Midsummer 2002 v1.0: Don't look too deep in the bottle, you may hurt your eyes. See-Man Midsummer 2002 v1.0: Anders receives a late-night tattoo from Per - the black marker artists.
almost real Swedes Midsummer 2002 v2.0: Evelyn and Manu chillin' at the after-party on the magic Midsummer night. colorful personality Midsummer 2002 v2.0: Erik-the-host entertains the party.
high performance Midsummer 2002 v2.0: Non-Sweden based Swedes have the luxury to have two Midsummer parties. This one at Erik's place. The crowd is getting ready for "Små grodorna" swedish meatballs Anders 30: Aaah, Swedish smiles, courtesy of Katti and Alex.
spooky man Anders 30: Can you see the ghost?

_sweden & lost vikings_

home La casa de los Ivarsson en Hyssna. You can see my room on the left side, second floor, the first window. beautiful winter night La casa de los Ivarsson en Hyssna. 'Twas a cold winter night...
farmor My grandmother, my dad's mother and my great-grandmother's daughter. skiing Christmas Day 1996. My mother is resting after skiing hard.
norway My grandmother, my mother's mom and my great-grandmother's daughter on visit in Sweden summer of 1996. la familia The Ivarsson's out walking in the shitty weather of Christmas 1999.
surfing Roffe & Jonas in Florida and experiencing maybe the most beautiful place to take your first windsurfing lessons at. baby-sitters Roffe & Jonas in Florida: Uncle Jonas is showing his love for kids - in this case Alana.
teach me tiger Check out those wheels. Only in America. Christmas Gift 2000 Three weeks by the pool. That's life.
I am listening to the closed captions And my dad enjoys his vacation. tree Martin & Sofia paddling under the apple tree in Weikiva State Park..
skiing with superman Actually Norway but who cares? My uncle and dad enjoy a day of skiing in beautiful Tamokdalen.


Highway to Kjell Sweden 2001: The Norwegians taking a stroll in the chilly sunshine. elegant ladies Sweden 2001: My grandmothers, Hilda and Alida, celebrating my mother's mom's 80th birthday.
The Vitamin Injection Sweden 2001: Saying good-bye to my grandmother before going to Stockholm. Shag Attack Christoffer celebrating his 30th birthday with his best friend, Shaggadelic Shaq - the love-stud.
I hit on red-heads Chrille 30: Team Hammered winning the birthday competition at Gröna Lund. From the left: MC Hammer, team leader Anna, the ever-smiling Paula, and sharp-shooter Tom. The attack of the instant tourists Stockholm 2001: Sandra and my brother posing in beautiful Stockholm.
royal straight flush Stockholm 2001: Bröderna Brothers in front of the castle. future star Having a luxury weekend in LA (original name: El Pueblo de Nuestra Senora la Reina de Los Angeles de Porciuncula), summer of 2001. Can you see the Hollywood sign behind the bright star?
touching bass with Hooky LA 2k1: The goal of trip was to see New Order in concert though. Seeing Peter Hook swinging his bass was amazing. decisions, decisions After 9/11: Hanging out at Capitol Hill because I can't decide what to do.
el presidente After 9/11: But I could still hang out with the presidents, chill, and reflect on life... like a bird After 9/11: ...and the only flying things in the air was a military helicopter. Eerie.
one way Washington DC 2001: No wonder the traffic is crazy in the city. Odin my a** Chicago 2001: Finding my place along the Magnificent Mile in Chicago - the beautiful city.
man lär så länge man har elever Me and my students. And the company pays for a weekend in the SF Bay area... (2001)
Photo courtesy of Mel
I'm on the top of the world San Francisco 2001: Relaxing on the top of Eagle's Peak, getting ready for the next trip to the other side of the world...
Hem till byn New Zealand 2001: I visited the famous Waitomo Caves (thousands of blue Glowworms) with my co-worker, Oon. you spin me round New Zealand 2001: The crazy boat driver enjoyed doing 360 spins with the boat.
wheee New Zealand 2001: I am being happy in front of the Huka Falls. No, I'm not drunk... Depeche Mud New Zealand 2001: In Rotorua I found some boiling mud in the ground. Pretty kool, except that the entire city smelled sulphur (nasty).
No Fear New Zealand 2001: I laugh danger in the face, especially in a acrid-smelling moon-landscape. hey baby New Zealand 2001: Oh yeah, I was working too... in Wellington. A lovely city. This was my first time in New Zealand, not my last...
no doubt Venezuela 2002: Stopping by Caracas for a couple of weeks. Deb and I are getting ready to go to Pop Latin 2002. men in black Venezuela 2002: The young jet-setters at a fancy party. Me, Deb, Lilliana, and Paolo.

_weddings & graduations_

feeling hot, hot, hot... Per & Katie 2001:
My favorite Filipinos enjoying the sunshine.
playboy and playgirl Per & Katie 2001:
A handsome gentleman with a beautiful lady mingling at Katie and Per's wedding.
helloooo, baby! The punch makes your face funny. Si Jonas & Vanessa 2002:
The Million Dollar Tie, the Million Dollar Smile, and... Good Morning America.
raj raj raj raj Jonas & Vanessa 2002:
Cheers mate!
luckiest man in the world Jonas & Vanessa 2002:
Oh la la! EJ, Sharen, and Katie enjoy the spotlight.
two non-blondes Jonas & Vanessa 2002:
Evelyn and Manu enjoy the spotlight. Been there, done that.
man in the moon Harold & Melissa 2002:
Sometimes photos don't turn out the way one expects. Amanda doesn't care.
va faaan Harold & Melissa 2002:
So that's what "drinking someone under the table" means...
Miami Vice Harold & Melissa 2002:
Gloria and Seb and their little packet of joy, Alanis.
muy grande Harold & Melissa 2002:
La familia de Colombia.
fem myror är fler än fyra elefanter Pär & Uschi 2002:
The happy quartet: Monica, Ruth, Jon, and the photographer.
wine & beer Pär & Uschi 2002:
Pär: "Manu, what do they say in France when drinking alcohol?"
Manu: "Va faaan!"
red, hot, and boom Pär & Uschi 2002:
Ulf and Amy smiling for the camera. Guess who went to the beach...
sonny crockett Anders & Sandy 2002:
Seb and Melissa enjoying the beautiful Miami skyline.
three amigos Anders & Sandy 2002:
Hey dude, when's the next wedding?
roses are red, the sky is blue, and now you're married Anders & Sandy 2002:
And then it was Sandy and Anders turn...
handsome Deb graduated, finally, winter 1998.
library And one last look at the library. ucf Patrizia and me visiting UCF.

_state parks & the beach_

chaos A very well arranged photo of Guilermo, Patrizia, me and Deborah at Wekiva Springs, 1997. spring Snorkeling in Blue Spring, Florida, where the water is a constant 72 degrees Fahrenheit. The three handsome guys in the picture are Skalman, John and me.
water Sprinkler. Tisell. John. Me. canoe Deborah canoeing in the Hidden River.
trunk It may not be a state park but my Swedish friends and I went jet skiing in Titusville with Casi (left) and Michelle (right). Fun, fun, fun. biiiiig tree During my trip to California I went to the Sequoia National Park and saw some really, really, really, really biiiiiig trees.
big and tall Alana and Manu. lower falls And then I went to one of the most beautiful places I've seen, Yosemite National Park.
the king of the world Yosemite: I had to take the 5.5km long hike up the fifth highest waterfall in the world, Yosemite Falls. Good thing there were natural water-refill stations along the way. I was tired... I can see the light Blanchard Park: EJ and Mahalja spending time in the tube.
cocoa My dad and I, hangin' out at Cocoa Beach. it's a beautiful life Deborah, Gilberto and me enjoying life at Cocoa Beach.
sisters Two happy sisters at Cocoa Beach. Drinking a beer at Cocoa Beach.
relax Cooling off at Cocoa Beach.


my brother My brother in Bush Gardens, Tampa, still smiling after the rush of adrenaline from riding Montu. friends On our way to Blue Springs to see the new born manatee, Phire. But first... a beer. Gilberto, Me, Deb and Guillermo - the pilot.
liberty The Statue of Liberty. My first visit to New York City. stor o liten
Sandy's daughter Melissa and my tall friend Roffe outside Altamonte Mall in Florida.
astrosmurf Kennedy Space Center's new pilot. pasta Seafood at the sea.
Here comes the men in white. cute One of my best photos, beautiful model, beautiful flowers and beautiful light in the beautiful Winter Park. The photo is taken using some fancy and expensive Canon.
maniac Ricky the maniac. fallen Practicing my tubing stunt. Total control. Nothing else.
John & Laura John & Laura - the Lovebirds - in Brooklyn, NYC. moving from the country The sisters are leaving me :(
dream Dreamhouse in Winter Park. my place Between Fresno and Visalia in California is a small town called Kingsburg - The Swedish Village. Of course they have a Swedish Pancake House...
hippie I am a giant. From my long-hair period. mother & daughter Melissa & Sandy at Rene's place.
rock'n'roll Team Rockers featuring Deb, her cousins Christian and Patrick, and Sylvester Stallone's Cliffhanger stand-in. chip! chip! Curiosity in California.
minnie AT&T Wireless' Christmas Party 1997 at Disney World. mickey