You find yourself escorted into the palace, on both sides of you, you find yourself flanked by four guards. Their faces cold, their eyes staring straight ahead of them, their hands resting, in readiness upon the hilt of their swords…

As they march you through the palace, you find that yourself looking about the long corridor. The high arched passage halls are richly decorated with fine silk tapestries. Suddenly, you find yourself looking away from a spectacular tapestry… As you hear a rich and somber voice greeting you.

“Greetings Stranger”

This man before you lets his words fade off a moment, before finishing his words. His eyes study your form, seizing up your strength and worth. In a cool and well-controlled voice, you hear him say…

“I am Sukshon, the Administrator of this Island.”

Once again, his eyes look you over, finally stopping to look into your own eyes.

“State your business here on this Island.”

As you listen to his voice, hearing his words… You find yourself looking away from him for a moment to those about him. Looking to his left, you chance to see a lovely woman, dressed in richly decorated robes, her veil shimmering with each breaths she draws, her eyes watch, regarding your own. You notice that she too waits to hear what you say. The man now known to you as Sukshon the Administrator sees the direction of your eyes…
His voice ringing out smoothly, he states…

“This is my Mate Atanasia

At the sound of his voice, your eyes move back to his… The action alone causing a faint smile to appear briefly upon his lips….

“Again Stranger, state your business on this Island!”

His tone demanding an answer… You find yourself now forced to speak out…

The two major island powers on Thassa are Cos and Tyros. Both islands are about four hundred pasangs west of Port Kar, another major maritime power. Cos is located a hundred pasangs north of Tyros. They both engage in piracy and raiding. Pirates paint their entire ships green, including green hulls, sails, oars and ropes. They do this because in the bright sun reflecting off the sea, green ships are nearly invisible. This allows them to more easily close with merchant ships.

Cos and Tyros often fight between themselves. But, they also threaten to unite and attack Port Kar. For over a hundred years, they had never united until the events of Raiders of Gor. The naval warfare had seldom involved more than a few dozen ships on a side. This arrangement was almost sanctioned by tradition. They saw the risk of engaging fleets as being too great.

Their raids, smuggling and trading had become a profitable way of life. But, with spies and traitors within Port Kar, the navies of Cos and Tyros decided to join together to attack and hopefully loot Port Kar. The navies of Cos and Tyros were basically even and each matched the navy of Port Kar. Outnumbering Port Kar, and with their inside men, they hoped to easily take the coastal port.

But, Port Kar was able to prevail in the great naval battle. First, Tarl got the people of Port Kar to accept a Home Stone. This gave them a major reason to fight to defend their city. He also hired a mercenary to help him place tarns below decks on ships. In the midst of battle, the tarns were released and aided substantially in the combat. Port Kar defeated Cos and Tyros, destroying much of their naval forces. Port Kar, Cos and Tyros continue to remain in a state of war. They have returned though to smaller naval engagements, like what had occurred prior to the war.

There are certain free coastal ports that allow commerce with Cos and Tyros to be possible. Bazi, Lydius, Helmutsport, and Schendi are such cities. Cos and Tyros and freely make port at those cities without worrying about repercussions. Port cities like Brundisium and Port Kar are not free ports and Cos and Tyros would not dock there. Their ships might likely be seized in such ports.

Tyros is a rugged, mountainous island with mountains. It is famed for its mazes of vart caves. Varts are blind, batlike flying rodents. Some can become the size of a small dog. They can strip a carcass in minutes and some are rabid. They commonly hang upside down in their caves like bats. Some people of Tyros train varts, primarily to use them as weapons. The cherries and red olives are Tyros are also famed throughout Gor. Family is also important on Tyros.

Kasra is the capital city of Tyros and the only other major city is Tentium. The Ubar of Tyros is Chenbar of Kasra, also known as the Sea Sleen. He is of lowly origin but has gone very far. He is a lean, large-eyed man with nervous hands. It is thought that he is intelligent and highly skilled with weapons. During the war with Port Kar in Raiders of Gor, Chenbar was captured by Port Kar. A civil war resulted in Tyros over the choice of a successor with five families battling over the position. But, Chenbar would be freed by men from Torvaldsland during the events of Hunters of Gor. He then returned to Tyros and retook his position as Ubar. Sullius Maximus, once a Ubar of Port Kar, is now a minor courtier at the court of Chenbar. Sullius had to flee after the war with Port Kar as he was one of the traitors. Little else is said about Tyros in the books.

This room is based on John Norman's books on Gor. All Frees are welcomed as long as they abide by the Laws set down. The Administrator's word is Law!

Free Women may visit the Island without escort.Free Women must enter with veils stated within their codes: example: Quindara DeLynne, Veiled. A Free Woman will act and behave like a Free Woman, or be collared. This is Gor and it's harsh and at times very unfair.Don't give the Ubar or a Free Man a reason to collar you even though according to the Laws of Gor, a woman is subject to collar simply because a Man wishes it.

Slaves wearing the ~O~ *WILL* be collared on sight..And will be put in the Island of Tyros's collar{Tyros}. Exception being, a slave wishing a personal collar of a Free must beg for it.

We of Tyros, are a Kill, Force Capture, Force Collaring Zone!

Right at this time, We are a NO Raid Zone. Once We establish enough Free Men and they are within the City, Raids will be accepted. Be sure though You know what your doing.

"Read The Rules of Raiding that is on the Sanktejo Realms website."

"There are NO Vampires, No talking animals, on Gor. We will not tolerate such behavior. Be Gor or be Gone."
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