Slave Rules to Follow

Slaves have "NO" belongings or rights. they have nothing that is not given to them or allowed to them by their Owner. A slave must realize any and all things can be taken from them, including their name.

If a slave feels like arguing with a Free, he/she will remember that the slave will have the last words, those being: "yes Master/Mistress." A slave will always be respectful.

Slaves are required to ask permission to leave. If no Free is about, or the Free is ghosting, the slave will ask three times for permission to leave (at least two minutes apart). The slave may then go. If the slave leaves without permission, she/he will need to be prepared for the consequences.ALSO SLAVES WILL BID FAREWELL BEFORE LEAVING,if it is rt emergency you may bid goodbyes as*example* one wishes A/all well

Stay away from gossip. A slave's opinions are owned by their Master/Mistress, and if He/She wishes it, He/She will ask for it.

Slaves will refer to all Freemen as "Master" and all Freewomen as "Mistress". All reference to Them will be capitalized (You, He, She, They). If Gender is unknown, greet then as Master until corrected.

Slaves will use third person when speaking and when referring to themselves (he, she, slave's name) or other slaves. slaves are referred to in lower case. A slave may not use I or me.

When entering the City, a slave will greet individually in the following order: "Owner, Administrator, City Freemen, City Freewomen, Visiting Freemen, Visiting Freewomen, Home slaves, visiting slaves."

A slave should remain busy. After greeting and serving, a slave will begin chores unless told other wise by a Free. Lazy slave will not be tolerated in Tyros and great importance is placed on chores. If a girl is called to serve, she will stop the chore immediately and finished the chore when she has been released.

A slaves two main duties are "exquisite beauty and absolute obedience." If a slave is in a bad mood or doesnít feel well, ask permission to leave or donít come into the City. A slave should be pleasing in all ways.

Slaves must ask for permission to PM a Free. If a Visiting Free pmís a slave, said should post it publicly and allow a City Free to handle it.

When raids or emergencies occur, a slave should go to the Med Cylinder. The slaves should remain in the Cylinder until released by a Member or a trainer/senior slave.

A slave is not to talk of their purchase/services. The slave should refer the Free to their Owner.

~wt~ slaves can not travel out side the City without a Free inviting them to go with Them. Other slaves may travel with their Owner's (Administrator for City slaves) permission and provided it is a non-force collaring zone. The slave will keep an eye on the City, and return right away if a Member comes in.

New slaves must realize that when they are given a City collar {TYROS}, they are the property of the Administrator and He is their Owner.

If a slave is serving, they will not greet nor acknowledge pms till the serve is completed. The slave's sole attention is on the Free she is tending till released.

A slave will offer to serve all in the City, no matter his/her feelings about said Free. A visiting Free will be offered a serve after a Free of the City has acknowledged Them.

There will be no fighting or bickering among the slaves. If it can not be solved, it will be taken to the first girl, and from there to a slave's Owner.

~wt~ are NOT to serve with heat and only in tower.

A slave must always ask permission to keep, eat, wear or use anything given to her/him.

A slave should spend as much time as they can in the City. People will not come to an empty City. Your presence may encourage O/others to come in. If a slave is alone, it is a good time for chores. It will be appreciated by the Frees.

All, medic, food and drink, ECT will be from own belly, not that of another slave. It is considered lying and stealing, and will not be tolerated.

A slave may not touch monies. It will be taken in your mouth and given to the slave's Owner. If the Owner is not there, the monies should be placed upon the Free's furs. The slave will tell his/her Owner of it when They arrive.

A slave may never touch weapons, or anything sharp that might be mistook for a weapon. A slave must get permission to uses such items from a Free each time (the exception to this is the cutting shell in the servery). Disobeying this rule will result in the slave's death.

Slaves do not cry, whine or complain. It reflects badly on their Owner and the City.

Ask each Free you serve if they wish Their drink/food tested.

A slave will not greet a Visitor until They are acknowledged by a Member of the City. This is for a slave's protection.

Attention getters will not be tolerated. Slaves that are constantly being hurt doing chores or such, will not be looked on well. Slaves are property, they have no right injuring themselves or taking their own lives in their hands.

Always have a dance or two prepared for the Frees.

If a sister or brother without a collar comes to the City, welcome them. Offer to answer questions for them. Offer the address of the City pages.

Leave real time issues outside of the City. Make sure you are capable of smiling and serving when You are there.

Slaves do not use the word "Tal", but instead "greetings, good eve, ect."

Always receive permission to ghost/afk.... and if the slave will be gone for longer then just a few minutes, then ask permission to leave, returning when you can.

These rules can and will be updated as the need arises.

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