Workers' Comp Committee
District 10
Amalgamated Local 6816, Unit 12
Formerly USWA Local 6326

Representing the employees of
NICE Ball Bearings, an RBC Company

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Unit 12
Workers' Comp Committee

Ron Dunn

John Fenton, Jr.

Bob Huster

Evelyn Mallard

Mike Salukas

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The Workers' Compensation Act is designed to serve as a safety net, providing protection for workers suffering from work related injury and illness. Its system of rules and regulations is often complicated and difficult to understand. Hopefully this page will be of assistance by directing you towards resources which may help further your basic understanding of workers' compensation.

Please remember:  Whenever you have specific questions or are involved in a workers' comp situation always consult your union's workers' compensation representative or an experienced workers' compensation attorney.

Penna. Workers' Compensation Act 

Penna. Workers' Compensation Brochure 
(Brochure in .PDF format, Adobe Acrobat required to view) 


Penna. Workers' Compensation FAQ 

Penna. Bureau of Workers' Compensation 

     Penna. Workers' Compensation Resources 

   Workers' Compensation In Pennsylvania 

NOLO.COM Work Comp Law FAQ

Philadelphia Area Project on Occupational Safety & Health

Occupational Safety & Health Administration

National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health

Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry

National Safety Council

Occupation Health & Safety Net

Michael Burton Workplace Safety Foundation

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