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Formerly USWA Local 6326

Representing the employees of
NICE Ball Bearings, an RBC Company

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Negotiations Update

Between September 12th and October 1st we had seven negotiating sessions with the Company. During that time most of the non-economic issues have been resolved. While both sides appear pleased with our progress in that regard, most of the economic issues are still outstanding. It is therefore imperative that our membership continue to stand united, making it clear that while we are fully prepared to work with the Company to make Nice Ball Bearings a successful enterprise, we also have every intention of seeing these negotiations through to a satisfactory conclusion.

Negotiations are scheduled to resume on Monday, October 14th. Both the attorney for the Company and our USWA Staff Representative are expected to attend.

NICE Ball Bearings, located in Kulpsville, Pennsylvania, has been in the business of keeping America moving for 100 years. From our 1902 founding by William Nice, Jr., to our current operation under the umbrella of the Roller Bearing Company of America (RBC), we have manufactured a broad range of precision ground and unground bearings for a wide variety of industrial, agricultural, automotive and aerospace applications. Over the years there have been many changes in the bearing industry and our development, both as a company and union, has been a reflection of those changes. NICE has consolidated its operations into a single plant, reconfigured its product line to focus on a more specific market and implemented a wide variety of labor reducing manufacturing technologies. Finally, in 1997 our former parent company sold us to RBC. Throughout this history our employees have played a vital role in the company's success, but these many changes have also meant a sizable reduction in our workforce. Today more than ever we have need of a strong union to effectively represent and protect our interests.

The employees of NICE Ball Bearings have a long history of involvement in the American labor movement. In 1941 we organized as an independent, forming the Anti-Friction Bearing Workers Union. The proud memory of our days under the AFBWU banner is still alive in many of our retirees and even a few of our active employees! Later, in 1962, we affiliated with United Steelworkers of America, receiving our charter as USWA Local 6326. More recently, the USWA has been undergoing a consolidation of its own. As a result, some smaller area locals were amalgamated into ours several years ago, and in January of 1999 we were among the many Montgomery county USWA locals consolidated as USWA Amalgamated Local 6816, in which we are designated Unit 12.

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