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30 December 2008
But enough talking, time for action!
You will learn how to change most of the textures (form human faces to sky textures). Every texture has a different method to be changed so it's not the same for every one of them. Furthermore you will learn how to change quests (experience points, reputation points etc). Also there are some tutorial which help you change every music file of the game. Because i thought it was a important, i also have a tutorial on how to activate Marvin Mode. There are also the files that we created in those tutorials in the "Tutorial Files" section.
What wll you learn?
This site was created only to help Gothic3 fans to modify the Best RPG ever! There isn't any official "mod-toolkit" yet but some little programs, by fans, have been released so that we can change a bit of everything in Gothic3. Before we continue i really want to thank Piranha Bytes for releasing this awesome, exciting  game and also i want to thank a lot Worldofgothic and Jowood forum members
their help and instructions about modifying Gothic3
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30 December 2008

As you have probably noticed Gothic 3: Forsaken Gods has been released, dissapointing every Gothic fan due to the numerous bugs it contained.

Fortunately, most of these bugs can be fixed, using the methods we've already analyzed in my tutorials.

So, fellow moders, don't get rusty! It's about time to prove your worth and fix a whole game!


Whatever you do, wherever you are, best wishes!
May 2009 be better than your expectations!
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Change armor textures, skin of monsters and face of humans, (2 pages)
How to...
Change quest experience, reputation points etc
Enable Marvin Mode & How to fix the graphical Problem
Change the main menu screen modifying the gui.pak
Pak files and create p0x files
Change every ingame sound
Change textures, modify copmiledImage.pak, Part 2
"Play" with the meshes
"Play" with the meshes, Part 2
Help Needed
How to change every text of the game
Cloning Objects - Template.pak