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The Leadership in Austria-Hungary during WWI


The Habsburgs

Here are biographies of the Archdukes of the House of Habsburg-Lothringen who had a military role during WWI. It was an old family tradition that the cousins of the Kaiser should go to war in defense of their patriarch. It did not always guarantee the best men for the job, but many of the Archdukes proved to be capable commanders, mostly because their education was primarily concerning military matters. Kaiser Karl (commanded Nov. 1916 to Nov. 1918) gradually reduced the influence of the Archdukes through his reign, though he appointed himself Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces in early 1917.

    Abbreviations for Commanders' ranks:

  • FM Feldmarschal
  • GO Generaloberst
  • GdI General der Infanterie
  • GdK General der Kavallerie
  • FZM Feldzeugmeister
  • FML Feldmarschalleutnant
  • GM Generalmajor
  • Obst Oberst
  • Hpt Hauptmann
Kaiser Karl

Archduke Eugen
Cmd Southwestern Front
Archduke Franz Ferdinand
Inspector of the Army
Archduke Franz Salvator
Hussar Reg. No. 15

Archduke Friedrich
Supreme Commander

Archduke Josef
Cmd VI. Army

Archduke Karl Stefan
Inspector of the Navy
Archduke Leopold Salvator
Inspector of the Artillery
Archduke Peter Ferdinand
Cmd Group Peter Ferdinand
Archduke Wilhelm
"King of the Ukaine"
The Habsburgs
The Field
Commanders A-K
The Field
Commanders L-Z

The Army Chiefs

Civil Leaders
and Bureaucrats
The Germans
The Field of Honour
Notgeld during WWI
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Enver Pasha

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