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The Leadership in Austria-Hungary during WWI


The Germans

The German Empire made contributions to every battle front in WWI, no more so than in Austria-Hungary. From the Carpathians campaign beginning in December 1914 through the retreat from the Ukraine in November 1918, German officers and troops fortified the ranks of the Armies of Austria-Hungary. In the case of the German Süd Armee, it was German in name only, for most of the troops had departed for other fronts, leaving a German staff to manage replacement Austrian Corps. Still, the expertise of the Germans was quite evident: the Süd Armee was the most resilient force on the Eastern Front, and German-led offensives aagainst Russia, Serbia, Italy, and Rumania scored bigger successes than the Austrian officers were able to deliver, even when Austrian troops did most of the fighting.

    Abbreviations for Commanders' ranks:

  • FM Feldmarschall
  • GO Generaloberst
  • GdI General der Infanterie
  • GdK General der Kavallerie
  • GdA General der Artillerie (Germany only)
  • FZM Feldzeugmeister
  • FML Feldmarschalleutnant
  • GLT Generalleutnant (Germany only)
  • GM Generalmajor
  • Obst Oberst
  • Hpt Hauptmann
GdI Otto Below
Fourteenth Army
GdK Friedrich Bernhardi
Cav. Group Bernhardi
GLT Albert Berrer
Group Berrer
GdI Felix Bothmer
Süd Armee
GdI Magnus Eberhardt
Ninth Army
in 1919
GLT Günther Etzel
Cav. Div. No. 2

GdA Max Gallwitz
Eleventh Army
GLT Eberhard Hofacker
Generalkommando 51
GLT Max Hoffmann
Chief of Operations, Eastern Front
GLT Paul Kneussl
Bavarian Inf. Div.
No. 15

GLT Konrad Krafft
Alpen Corps
FM Prinz Leopold
Southeastern Front
GdI Alexander Linsingen
Army of the Bug
GdI Johannes Marwitz
Beskid Corps
GLT Johann Seeckt
Chief of Staff, Army Group Archduke Karl

GLT Hermann Stein
Group Stein
GO Remus Woyrsch
Army Woyrsch
The Habsburgs
The Field
Commanders A-K
The Field
Commanders L-Z

The Army Chiefs

Civil Leaders
and Bureaucrats
The Germans
The Field of Honour
Notgeld during WWI
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