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Veterinary Students
Almost every conceivable veterinary student textbook used around the world's veterinary schools have been included in our listings, including books on  anatomygeneticshistologyimmunologymicrobiologyphysiologyparasitologypharmacology and reproduction . You will find tips on which books are good buys in the long run (for use in practice as well). Don't forget to check out our section on veterinary dictionaries too.

Books written especially for vets-in-practice ranging from cutting-edge topics such as cardiology, immunology, oncology to more common clinical subjects like dentistry,  clinical pathology, radiology and ophthalmology. Small animal clinicians should check out our book listings on small animal internal medicine and surgery . Likewise, our large animal counterparts can explore our comprehensive sections on large animal internal medicine and surgery

Exotic and Avian Veterinarians
All about bird and fish medicine and the latest specialist books on rabbits, chinchillas, ferrets, guinea pigs, hamsters, rats and mice . We also have a section on wildlife and zoological medicine .

Veterinary Technicians and Nurses
Books written especially for veterinary technicians and nurses, experienced or in-training. You will find a host of quality books ranging from basic anatomy texts, microbiology, veterinary dictionaries to common clinical procedures, dentistryradiology and exotic pets. Techs and nurses that double-up as receptionists should also check out our reception section.

Veterinary Practice Management
Quality veterinary practice management books on all major aspects of running your practice, including law, ethics, payroll management, books for your receptionist, award-winning hospital design plans, and more books on secrets and tips on managing your practice to its fullest potential!


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