Handler Information:

Name: Charlie
Email: leiden@gameslaves.net
AIM: Liefest

Vincent Kane Information:

Real Name: Vincent Kane McManus
Date of Birth: 5/21/1974
Hometown: Dublin, Ireland
Residence: Phildelphia, Pennsylvania and New York City, New York.
Height: 6'2
Weight: 200lbs

Wrestling Information:

Style: Submission Artist, is trained in Defensive Submission Combat and Sambo. However, has learned quite a few wrestling moves and uses them to set up his opponent(s).

Stance: Kane has no real alliance with the fans, it's to their disgression to love or hate him.


The lights dim and a red hue drapes over the arena. The sirens in the beginning of "Straight Hate" by Bloodsimple can be heard faintly for a moment, until the song begins and the hate and anger pours from the PA system. The crowd is silenced, or so it seems from the deafening roar of the lyrical massacre.

"There's something up with the FATAL ATTRACTION."

The red spotlight moves from panning the crowd to the entrance of the ramp, where Vincent Kane steps out from the back, his arms raised in the air, fists clenched, and moving down the ramp in a pretty quick fashion. The fan's reaction is still silenced by the music and it's impossible to tell if they love or hate the man. However, he acknowledges them, trying to get them into the moment.

"For every action there's an opposite reaction. It's like a trip to the brain that drives me FUCKIN INSANE!"

Vincent uses the steps to enter the ring, but he paces around the outside of the ropes, doing almost a full lap around the ring. Throwing his fist into the air and obviously trying to pump up the crowd.

"You never had a chance anyway.."

Kane finally steps through the ropes as the music dies down, and you can finally hear the mix of cheers and boo's from the crowd. Vincent just smiles faintly as he steps to his corner and props himself against the turnbuckle.

In The Ring:

Standered Moves:

Strong strikes
Shoot style takedowns
Hip Toss
Samoan Drop
Ground N' Pound
Knee Drop
Arm Bars
Throat Punch

Strong Moves:

Super Kick
Full Nelson Backbreaker
Falling Neckbreaker
Falling Scoop Slam
Russian Leg Sweep/Inverse Russion Legsweep
Spinning Backfist
Various Release Suplex's

Submission Holds:

Triangle Choke
Drop Toe Hold to STF
Crossface Chickenwing
Texas Clover Leaf
Lion Tamer
Reversed Armbar
Rear Naked Choke

Signature Moves:

Where It Ends aka Crippler Crossface
Purgatory aka Anaconda Choke
Hell's Ditch aka Back Mounted Kamura

Match History:

Sin Wrestling
Back To School 9/11/06
Dark Match
Vincent Kane vs. J2K // Win via Where It Ends

Revelations 9/24/06
Parking Lot Brawl - Lust Title Shot
Vincent Kane vs. Cock vs. Flame vs. Travis Miller // Win via Rear Naked Choke
**Wins Lust Championship

Shadows of Defeat 10/6/06
Submission Match
Vincent Kane vs. Billy Badson // Win via Inverted Surfboard

Countdown 10/17/06
Fighting for Chris Extreme - Non Title
Vincent Kane vs. Snoop Jackson // Win via Where It Ends

Illusions 10/31/06
Trick or Treat Streetfight - Lust Title Defense
Vincent Kane vs. Flame // Win via Tombstone to the Head

Eternity 11/12/06
Non Title Match - Winner picks opponent for next event
Vincent Kane vs. Nikita vs. Shane Donovan // Loss via Nikita pinning Donovan

Eternity 11/21/06
Tag Title Retirement Match, Special Ref - Xander Gates
Nikita/Tony Millennia vs. Shane Donovan/Vincent Kane // Loss

Eternity 12/12/06
Lust Title Defense
Nikita vs. Vincent Kane // Win via destroying Nikita's hand

Santa's Revenge 12/24/06
War Games Match - Lust Title Defense - World Title Shot

Record: 6-2


Sin Wrestling:
Lust Champion - 9/24/06 till Reigning


Sin Wrestling:
Newcomer of the Month/September 06
Match of the Month/September 06
Wrestler of the Month/October 06
Heel of the Month/Ocotber 06
Match of the Month/November 06

Roleplay Index:

Sin Wrestling
001. The Stories of how Everything Went Wrong
002. The beginning
003. Can't seem to rest
004. Hindsight
005. Just tell him the job is done
006. Life is funny like that
007. Here's to life
008. Jericho
009. Hitting Bottom
010. Go Figure
011. New Directions
012. Life to Lifeless
013. Hate Me Now
014. Concocted
015. something new
016. Ground Zero
017. Exit Reality
018. Finding himself
019. Making Due
020. Playing God
021. Coffee and Cigarettes
022. Daily accomplishment and the tragedy that follows