"LIFE AFTER THE IFWF" will pick up where the dissolution of the IFWF left our "damsels in distress!" SUMMER 07!

Sunny McKay is a gorgeous actress who has appeared in numerous "adult" films. Our stories feature her in the starring role and, while not based on a particular event or events in her life, we try to portray her in a manner consistant with the roles she's played and the personnas she's assumed in movies and her appearances on stage.

Sunny McKay Porn Star, Prequel: "Setting the Stage" Sunny gets fed up with Zara Whites and challenges her to a fight. This establishes the background for the rest of the series. Introduces Zara's lover, Jeanna Fine.

Sunny McKay Porn Star, Chapter One: "Porn Stars Boxing" Sunny gets lured into a boxing match against tough little Heather Hunter by Zara's lover Jeanna Fine. (Note: contains all 3 parts of the original story posted on newsgroups.)

Sunny McKay Porn Star, Chapter Two: "The Tender Trap" Sunny travels to Amsterdam where she's been booked for a month doing her stage act at a club called "The Tender Trap". Naturally, she encounters a few problems...Pt. 1 of a 3 part story.

Sunny McKay Porn Star, Chapter Three: "Rosy Red" Picks up where Ch. 2 left off (WARNING: contains graphic descriptions of sexual situations. For ADULTS ONLY). Pt. 2 of 3.

Sunny McKay Porn Star, Chapter Four: "A Knotty Problem." Concludes Sunny's 3-part adventure in the "Tender Trap" with P.J. Sparxx.

Sunny McKay Porn Star, Chapter Five: "Darrian in the Dungeon." Sunny is ordered to enter a fight tournament by club manager Jeanna Fine. Despite her lack of experience, Sunny thinks she has a chance to win her first match. Does she?

Sunny McKay Porn Star, Chapter Six: will be coming one day eventually

Sunny's Revenge? Sunny decides she can't live with what happened to her at the hands of P.J. Sparxx and demands satisfaction. With her experience boxing (see Chapter One of Sunny McKay Porn Star) she expects to have her way with Ms. Sparxx. Oh, if life were only so simple! Sunny forgot our page motto, "Be careful what you wish for, you may get it!"

Sunny McKay vs. Breezy Lane A story by one of Sunny's fans (Tom) about an incident on a film set with her co-star, Breezy Lane. Fact, or fiction? Read it for yourself and you decide what you believe.

Win or lose, Sunny puts her 'heart and soul' into every bout.

Below are some of our matches from the archives of the International Female Wrestling Federation (IFWF). Think of it as a "new and improved, adult-oriented WWF" (or maybe GLOW). The matches are listed IN THE ORDER they occurred.


Ginny vs. Marta Forrest Marta is a huge, tough Swede and in Ginny’s first IFWF match she proves to be all that Ginny could want - and more!

Ginny vs. Chloe Ginny's 2nd IFWF match against a tough French woman. Chloe gave Ginny all she could handle...and more.

Ginny vs. Nurse Rita (Barb Wire Match) Ring ropes wrapped with razor sharp barbed wire; Ginny, in a mini-bikini, faces an experienced, scarred up opponent with nothing to lose. All reasons why you should read the fine print in your contract.

Ginny vs. Evonne Carmikel (cage match) After Evonne learned Sunny was dating her boyfriend Thomas Ashton, she went berserk and challenged Sunny to a "no holds barred cage match." To protect Sunny, Ginny took her place against Evonne. As always, however, Evonne had a few surprises in store.

Ginny vs. Betty Anderson The budding rivalry between the McKays and Andersons is clear as two proud women got at each other tooth and nail in a rough match.

Ginny vs. Kimberly Storm Ginny stole Kimberly’s place in Jacki Frost's heart, so Kimberly came into the match wanting revenge. Could Ginny stand up to a brutal, and very personal, assault by the woman scorned?

Ginny vs. Kodaiku Akana Ginny’s slide into mediocrity continued against a tough young Japanese. Ginny called on all her (long ago) martial arts training but Kodaiku gave her another brutal defeat.

Ginny vs. Nyki Nguyen (Nov. 98) After the match, this degenerated into a 4:3 free-for-all with Ginny, Sunny, Mitzi and Jacki against Michelle, Betty and Nyki.

Ginny vs. Angie Johnson (IFWF Championship) Under the management of her ex-husband's 2nd wife, Mitzi McKay, Ginny has gotten a shot at the title. But when the match ends, Ginny finds out all Mitzi really did was raise her "market value."

Ginny vs. Suzy Robins An erotic rules match. The winner spends the night with Ginny's lesbian lover, Jacki Frost. No (and we mean NO!) holds barred to a climactic finish.

Ginny vs. Jenny "The Cheerleader" Anderson Ginny has been Evonne's slave for months, but now has a chance to win her freedom. Win and Jenny takes her place, lose and her debasement continues. Can she pull it off?

Ginny vs. Betty Anderson (Apartment Strip fight) Betty Anderson and her sister Michelle were once the McKay's chief rivals for the tag title. In this match, Betty and Ginny are locked in an apartment until one strips the other nude!! No referee to stop it, no one to interfere. Oh, did we mention it's broadcast live on world-wide TV?

Ginny vs. Tanya (nude mud match) Tanya challenged Ginny to strip off her clothes and get 'down and dirty' in a mud wrestling match. Tanya knew Ginny's soft spots and attacked them all this night.

Ginny vs. Sensuous Sierra Sierra went all out to humiliate Ginny in this match, stroking, fondling and caressing her to the brink of .. well, you'll have to read it to find out where the limit of Ginny's endurance was this night.

Ginny vs. Illyana Shadowborn Ginny was given this match as a "breather" after several tough matches. Will that prove the case, or will the rookie Shadowborn prove more than she appears?

Ginny vs. Victoria Adams Victoria's half Ginny's age and 24 pounds lighter. There's no way she could beat the wily veteran, certainly not with Sunny there in case things go wrong. Is there?

Ginny vs. Cari LaBruzzo This match is another "night off" for Ginny, an example of how much IFWF management wants to keep her fresh for the "big money" matches. LaBruzzo is only 18 and Ginny outweighs her by some 25 pounds. Another "walk in the park" for this canny veteran?

Ginny vs. Caitlan Tyler Ginny is facing a taller opponent, something she's not used to. Caitlan and sister Cassidy are prime contenders for the IFWF Tag Team title (as are the McKay's). The winner will establish her superiority going into the tag team tournament.

Ginny vs. Cassidy Tyler A month after her match with Caitlan, our favourite redhead went into the ring to face Caitlan’s sister Cassidy. Sunny did her best to help...would it be enough? Did Caitlan jump in to help her sister? Read it and discover the shocking truth!!

Ginny vs. Peggy Christian Peggy is a 162 pound housewife who was, in Ginny's words, "a handful."

Ginny vs. Felicia "Succubus" Crowley Ginny's back in action after a long layoff - and it shows! Her once firm curvy body is softer and fuller after months of inactivity. Will the extra weight be a burden or an advantage against a tough young blonde?

Evonne Explains it All (to Sunny) In a secretly videotaped conversation, Evonne Carmichael tells Sunny McKay about her mother Ginny's "dark secret" and explains how and why Ginny fell under her spell.

Ginny's Wedding to Evonne Carmichael! The "secret ceremony" nobody knew about revealed at last! (And the reason why nobody knew!)


Sunny vs. Cori N. Sunny’s debut in the IFWF pits her against a girl whose fought, and won before. The difference in their experience shows in this match.

Sunny vs. Superwoman Cassandra Sunny’s 3rd career match finds her against another rookie also in her 3rd match. Both want this one badly.

Sunny vs. Chloe (rematch) Sunny is facing Chloe for a second time after suffering a humiliating defeat. Can she overcome Chloe’s size advantage, or will she go down to defeat again?

Sunny vs. Tina "The Pitbull" Collins (I) Tina was irate after Sunny and Ginny beat she and Jacki "The Jailbird" Frost in a tag team match because Sunny hit Tina with brass knuckles. Tina says, "Let's settle it face to face" and they do.

Sunny vs. Claire Bartlett In one of her early matches in the IFWF, Sunny faced this 175 pound behemoth from England. Sunny’s slight build put her at a disadvantage and her inexperience showed as she struggled the entire match against a bigger and more experienced opponent.

Sunny vs. Tina "The Pitbull" Collins (II) Tina was even more upset after her last match with Sunny than before. She demanded, and the IFWF gave her, a cage match. Tina came into the fight in the best shape of her career and crazed with frustration after two straight loses to Sunny who, Tina said, "cheated."

Sunny vs. Gayle Ashton (IFWF Champion) Although a "non-title" fight, Sunny's prestige was on the line in this 1998 TV Tournament match. Ginny had just ended her lesbian affair with Ashton who wanted to make Sunny pay for her pain ... or was there something more here?

Sunny vs. Evonne Carmikel (IFWF Championship) Still demanding that Sunny apologize for "coming on" to her fiance Thomas Ashton, Evonne used her power as IFWF financial backer to pull strings to make the match. She swore she'd make Sunny publically apologize for 'dissing' her.

Sunny vs. Jacki Frost Sunny is facing an irate Jacki Frost who vows revenge against Sunny and Mitzi for the way they are humiliating Ginny (Jacki’s current lover). Will Sunny be able to withstand the onslaught from this much older fighter, or will Jacki’s indignation carry her to victory?

Sunny vs. Michelle Anderson Sunny and Ginny have fought the Anderson sisters singly and in tag teams. There’s no love lost between these two wrestling families and no quarter or mercy when they meet in the ring.

Sunny vs. Evonne Carmikel (1998 TV Title Tournament) One of the IFWF's greatest matches with back and forth action and outside 'help' for both.

Sunny vs. Nikki Foxx ("I Quit" match) Sunny and brutal blonde Nikki Foxx square off in a match where victory can only be won by forcing the opponent to say, "I Quit!" No holds barred, no quarter given. Which blonde will emerge grinning and which one grimacing, read to find out.

Sunny vs. Sweet 'n' Sexy Nikki Meyers Sunny's taller, heavier and stronger. About the only advantage Nikki brings to the ring is her 44DD's and her breast smother finishing move. Will they be enough to overcome tough Sunny?

Sunny vs. Nyki Nguyen Sunny walked into an ambush in this match from her hometown of Sydney, Australia. Michelle 'The Great' Anderson, her sister Betty Anderson and cousin Kelly Kanyon are on hand to help Nyki. It's four against one! Will Sunny even survive? (and where was Ginny?)

Sunny vs. Tina "The Pitbull" Collins (III) The IFWF is back up and running and the first thing Tina demanded from the commissioner was yet another match with Sunny. Hard feelings on both sides; Tina swore to humiliate Sunny in front of a nation-wide TV audience. Will she, or can Sunny rise to the occassion as she's done so many times before?

Sunny vs. Red Sonya Sunny faces Red for the IFWF TV Championship. Sunny lost to Sonya before, but she turns it up a notch for their rematch with a title on the line.

Sunny vs. The Bad Ass School Girl Sunny is challenged to a "schoolhouse" match. Two girls (dressed in schoolgirl outfits) enter an empty school. The winner is the one who leaves upright!.

Sunny vs. "Bombshell" Jessica Carney This match features a "belle-to-belle" beating of one beautiful young wrestler by another. The ending of this match is controversial - what else would you expect when Sunny McKay is involved?

Sunny vs. The Bad Ass School Girl (Boxing) After Sunny’s mother interfered in their earlier match and cost BASG her victory (or so she claimed) "Bad Ass" demanded a BOXING match. Sunny, with a little kick-boxing training by her momma, thought that would be enough to face a 17 year old girl; not knowing BASG was being trained by her NY Golden Gloves boyfriend. As so often happens in the IFWF, Sunny’s assumption proved wrong!

Sunny vs. "The Chameleon" Kam Brenner After the Chameleon attacked Ginny with a baseball bat, Sunny demanded, and got, this match. Although "The Chameleon" is lighter than our heroine, Sunny has her hands full - as you'll see when you read this.

Sunny vs. "Cheerleader" Aly Pinnick Sunny faced a stern challenge in this contest because Pinnick brought two (2) of her stablemates along to make sure Sunny’s ‘momma Ginny’ didn't interfere.

The Royal Rumble Ginny and Sunny are part of a 24 woman, IFWF superstar, "royal rumble." The last woman standing becomes the IFWF World Champion. Winner take all!

Sunny vs. Bombshell Jessica Carney Sunny's first defense of her new title is against a woman who gave her a terrific battering in the match just before Sunny won her title. Can Jessica do it again and take the belt from our heroine, or will Sunny rise to the challenge?

Sunny vs. "The Oakland Enforcer" Brenda Busley In a non-title 'boiler room' match, Sunny faces a big, tough biker babe. It's brutal, bloody and one-sided.

Sunny vs. Gayle Ashton (Title defense) Sunny defends her title against a former IFWF World Champion. All's fair in love and war, and this is WAR!

Sunny vs. Kam Brenner "The Chameleon" (Title defense) Live from "IFWF Survivor Island' Sunny defends the IFWF title in a circus tent.

Four-way "Over The Top Rope" (Title Defense) Sunny is forced to defend her title against Felicia Bain, Samantha Page and Red Sonya in this contest.

Sunny vs. Felicia "Succubus" Crowley (TV Title) After several months on hiatus, the IFWF is back and Sunny gets a shot at a title in her first match. Felicia Crowley is tough and strong; Sunny is fit and ambitious (she wants another cup in her championship trophy case).

Sunny vs. Giovanna "The Mafia Princess" Bartuzzini A few months after her step-mother, Mitzi McKay, defeated the 'Mafia Princess', Giovanna Partuzzini is back looking for revenge. Tonight, it's Sunny who is in the crosshairs. The Mafia Princess is bigger, stronger and (she thinks) tougher, but Sunny is ready to show her a McKay can't be beaten!


Mitzi was Ginny McKay's rival for her husband (Sunny's father) Sean McKay. When Mitzi won Sean from Ginny, forced her into exile - and raised Sunny as her step-daughter. After years of antagonism in the IFWF, Mitzi and Ginny are finally working together to help Sunny. Mitzi appears in the IFWF as a member of the McKay stable, "The First Family."

Mitzi McKay vs. Jacki "The Jailbird" Frost (I) Mitzi and Jacki in the first of five scheduled matches. This one, brutal, bareknuckle boxing.

Mitzi McKay vs. Rachel Page Mitzi's official debut match in the IFWF against an even bigger woman than herself.

Mitzi McKay vs. Jacki "The Jailbird" Frost (II) A Paddle Match, the second of a scheduled five match series. Each can hit her unresisting opponent with a wooden paddle. If after a strike the one hit steps out of the 3' circle, they lose a piece of clothing. First one to step out in the nude loses.

Mitzi McKay vs. Jacki "The Jailbird" Frost (III)The third McKay-Frost match was a "strap match/tug-of-war" in which one had to drag the other out of the arena to win. Surprise ending!

Mitzi McKay vs. Jacki "The Jailbird" Frost (IFWF Championship) Jacki Frost holds the title and wants to make Mitzi suffer for the way she treated Ginny when she was managing her and Sunny. The fourth time these two have met!!

Mitzi McKay vs. "Supergirl" Allison Blair Mitzi found out why Allison is called "Supergirl".

Mitzi McKay vs. Cathy & Jodie Connor In her return to the IFWF after her husband's death, Mitzi is sent in to face two big women at once, the mother-daughter duo of Cathy and Jodie Connor.

Mitzi McKay vs. Giovanna "Mafia Princess" Bartuzzinni In this match, Mitzi seeks to get 'payback' for being humiliated in the "8 Woman Stable Match" (below under tag teams) by the "Bad Girls" (including the Mafia Princess). Will she succeed, or will 'bad' prevail over 'good' once again?


Sunny & Ginny vs. The Blonde Bombshells The McKay women are really in trouble in this match, facing 355 pounds of British Empire beef. This match is best two of three falls, can the McKays beat the twenty-something’s or will their weight advantage just be too much to overcome in a long, grueling bout?

Sunny & Ginny vs. Devastation, Inc. (Jacki "The Jailbird" Frost & Tina "The Pitbull" Collins. Two wily veterans with energetic young partners. A classic tag team match!

Sunny & Ginny ("The Family") vs. Vanity & Porscha ("The Sex Kittens" of the "First Family") The IFWF's 1st World Tag Team Championship match in 1998 had all the excitement and action you could ask for. It's this type of brawl that made the IFWF the top e-wrestling league in the world and redrew the map of televised wrestling.

Sunny & Ginny ("The Family") vs. Betty & Michelle "The Great" Anderson ("The Wolfpack") IFWF Championship At the 1998 Christmas PPV extravaganza, Sunny and Ginny met the reigning IFWF Tag Team champions - the sisters known as "The Wolfpack." Which team will wear the belts after the bell?

Sunny & Ginny vs. Betty Anderson and Michelle "The Great" Anderson - IFWF Championship On January 24, 1999, Sunny and Ginny met the Anderson sisters again for the tag team title. This time Mitzi was involved (to her chagrin).

Family vs. Family (6 woman tag team match) Sunny, Ginny & Mitzi face Sherry Ann and her daughters, Bianca Dupree and Jenny Anderson.

Sunny & Ginny (as New Age) vs. The Texas Rangers The Texas Rangers weren't around the IFWF for long, but they left their mark. This was one of their BEST matches as a tag team.

Sunny & Ginny vs. "The Babes" (Bambi & Legz) Sunny and Ginny begin their pursuit of the 2000 IFWF Tag Team title against two big, tough body builder types. It could get ugly!

Sunny & Ginny vs. Gayle Ashton & Red Sonya Gayle is IFWF Champion and Sonya is TV Champion. Our heroines will have their hands full with these two in an all-out war!

Sunny & Ginny vs. The Tyler Sisters: Cassidy and Caitlan. This match was the semi-final of the 2000 tag team tournament. The winners advance to the title match. The Tylers are both 19, big and strong. The McKay's are in over their heads, again! Aren't they?

Sunny & Ginny vs. "The V Squad" (Veronica Millions & Victoria Adams) This will crown the IFWF Tag Team Champions and that's all we need to know!

8 Woman Stable vs. Stable Match: The First Family vs. Bad Girls Inc. In a barn, Sunny, Ginny and Mitzi face off against Bad Girls, Inc. (Bad Ass School Girl, Angie Wick, Mafia Princess, Betty Anderson and Michelle Anderson. It's 5:3! Our girls are outnumbered, can they persevere or will they succumb?

Mitzi and Sunny McKay vs. The Bartuzzinni Sisters, Giovanna and Santina Giovanna beat Sunny; Ginny got KOed with a chair; Mitzi was locked in the dressing room. Then the Bartuzzini's stripped both Ginny and Sunny. Tonight, Mitzi and Sunny are out for revenge!!