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My Jessica

JESSICA:Jessica.....HAAAaaaaaa(sigh of satisfaction). Even though Jessica isnt MINE, she is still my favorite person in the whole wide world. I dont have any pictures of her, but when i scan some, i will put them rite up. ill tell you now that she's a 13 and a half out of 10! I went out with her for 11 months minus one day. THATS A LONG TIME DONTCHA KNOW?! We had some really hard times, and really good times. Now, we're not going out anymore, but we is like this ::crossing fingers::. If there was one person in the whole world to chose from, then i would chose her without a doubt. I wish i had some pictures that i had on my computer so that everyone can see her. She is really nice too! She got the friendliest award or something last year b/c she was so friendly. I like friendly people! I will describe her now until i get the pictures up. She is hot...and uhm....she is short and....her hair is really cool...and she is friendly. yes! Okay, wait until i put up the pictures, and ill add more onto this page, so check it out. Okay bye.

Jess and i have been through a lot with each other these past few weeks. Most of the things that went wrong is b/c of me. I know that i always screw up things, but i never EVER would want to screw up anything that her and i have, but rite now im doing it without even knowing. I really do care about her, and i know i dont show it, but i do. I guess i need to start showing it then huh. But whatever might happen to her and i, i hope she doesnt forget me, and i really hope she doesnt remember me as the guy who screwed up her early high school years. I want her to remember me as a good thing. I'll always remember her as a good thing. A really really good thing. =*)

Some really really bad stuff happened to one of jessica's best friends. I dont want to put anything on my website about it b/c its juss something that is uncomfortable to talk about. Not only that, but its juss not a subject that you would go around and blurt out to the whole world. So im going to keep it to myself, and to all those people that know what im talking about. My heart goes out to Moana Britt, and i hope everything will be alrite. Until then, i will pray for her every nite until things are 100% cool.

Hooray! Jess and i are back together again. I asked her out on the way back from FBA. Thats cool, so on her birthday, it will be our aniversary as well. Thats cool.

HEY! Me and jess passed the one month mark on the 3rd of december. YEAH!

I've got pictures of jess! Yeah baby! SWEET! Looky at them! They are pics of me and her!