Glad you decided to drop by! As most of you might know, we spent three and a half months travelling from Austria to Germany to Switzerland and back to Austria, starting December 2, 1999, and ending March 18, 2000.
Our time in Europe was a jumble of long flights, late nights, tourist sites, Christmas lights, scenic hikes, quick bites, last rites, and more!

On this site you can find the original travel journals that we emailed everyone while in Europe - the advantage of reading them here for the first time or reaquainting yourself with them is that we have included pictures to help you see who and what we were writing about at the time. These pictures can also be enlarged; just click on the ones you want to see.

*Pictures and stories are great, but to lend our site some depth we have posted some brief thoughts and reflections related to our time in Europe:
Becky's Reflections                          Dana's Reflections

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Note: if you're ever travelling in these areas and want more info, we might be able to help you out. (For example, we can direct you to a place in Vienna that offers free internet access; we can also tell you about Mennonite Your Way - a great alternative to hostels and hotels.) Also, check out for great backpacking tips!
Welcome to Becky and Dana's Photo Album of Europe '99-00!
1.1 - First Impressions

1.2 - Champaign, Rain, and
Emotional Pain

2.1 - Believe it or not...

2.2 - An Excursion for the Senses

3.1 - Of Nightmares and Fairy Tales

3.2 - Family Ties and Sad Good-Byes
4.1 - Late Nights and Tourist Sites

5.1 - Yodelling Amidst the Alps

5.2 - A Week in the Life of L'Abri

5.3 - But Wait!

5.4 - Scenic Hikes . . .

6.1 - Do you believe in the big bang?

6.2 - Happy Skies
Things just haven't been the same since 33 AD...
      Becky                                 Dana