Hi, everyone! I'm Vickey Stamps, aka Wordpainter.

Come fly along with me, as my cybernest begins to fill.
Please check back often; I'm having fun, I hope YOU will!

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Some of my recent wordpaintings:

On Alzheimer's
Fathers' Day
"The Orphan"
"God's People"
My Cancer Page
"Message for Mikey"
"Just 300 Foot To Go"
"Sara Said...."
"Let Me Live!"
"Hannah's Prayer"
"Ol' Weathered Barn"
"Asleep In The Hands of God"
"Would You ...?"
"The Old Man"
"The Ballerina"
"The Patient"
"To Billy"
"Just a Spoke in the Wheel"
"Special People"
"Hello, I'm in Here"
"Hello Little Flower"
"Journey of Words"
"Faded Jeans"
"The Easel"
"Cowboy's Angel"
A Wildflower
"Old Sparky & Joe"
Justin's Letter
Some beach pix
"I Dance!"
"My America"

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One of my essays there won this award from Diva of the 'Net.

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I've been attending WebTech University.
Besides my HTML classes, I am enjoying playing with PSP!