Campbell Perc Ponds - Campbell, CA
The perc ponds are located off of highway 17 in Campbell. The main pond is stocked with trout during Winter and Spring. Bass and catfish are also caught in the main and surrounding ponds; along with perch.
Fishing Report
June, 2001:
Made a fishing run during lunch with a few co-workers. Fished the East side of the main pond with a Rapala trout patterned jerkbait. A bass approximately two pounds chased the lure, but didn't take it. Then it was time to head back to work.

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Fishing Notes
You can catch trout and bass from almost any angle depending on when you go there. The East and South end of the main pond seems to be the most producing for both trout and bass. During late summer when the crawdad is plentiful and they come out around sunset time, the North end of the pond is good for bass fishing with, of course, crawdad pattern and color lures. Bass and catfish can be seen in the pond South of the main pond, but there are a lot of vegetation there which makes fishing tough.

Many people use powerbait at this pond, but Kastmasters work great here. Find the right spot and keep on casting and retrieving. There's a point at the South-West corner that's really good, but you have to get there early to get that spot. There are always many people fishing there.

The third pond in the back is good for some bassing. Try using 6 inch worms, dark colored such as black, purple, blue, etc.

Well, I have been too lazy to take out my camera when I come to this place. Just imagine a round pond... that's about it.
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