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Objective of our website is to promote understanding of many useful but largely unknown tools/utilities of Windows XP Professional operating system and to educate users with tips,tricks and secrets so that they can extract maximum benefits out of their operating system. Microsoft Windows XP Professional is really my operating system of choice. I do not see it too different from Windows 2000 family of operating systems but it still is superior to Windows 2000. Remarkable is the increased intuitiveness of user interface which has been substantially improved. It also supports many other important functions by default. A real boon for a layman user. Only drawback that I have seen so far and which is common for a product that is newly launched is the new/existing driver support and compatibility with existing apps. Windows XP provides maximum driver support for an out of box operating system but still leave a good room for improvement. Well keep looking for updates from Microsoft in near future.

This site is the brainchild of ANIL M DUBEY. You can contact us by sending an email at or clicking at xptools email support. This site is maintained by only one person at this time and as such it may take a little longer to respond to all the mails but all efforts would be made to get back to each one as soon as possible.

Among other avenues of support, its always a good idea to look into Microsoft XP Newsgroups.

One important suggestion: Do not blindly apply microsoft fixes. Fixes in early days of major product are always quick fixes and as such are not well planned and heavily tested. I ran into problem first time just because I did not read all about the fixes and blindly applied them. Even though Windows Update is a handy tool, use it wisely. At least do some reading on what are the intended objective of fix and whether that applies in your case.

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