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Powertoys for Windows XP : Powertoys are very useful add on utility from microsoft. It is available at Microsoft Web site at
XP 3D Screen Saver: Would you like to test power of DirectX 8.1 in Windows XP. If so then go the the microsoft web site at and download the screen saver.
Windows Media Bonus Pack: Just released bonus pack with powertoys, new skins at lot of other goodies for Windows Media Player fans: Visit Microsoft site at and download it.
Windows XP Bliss Screen Saver: One more screen saver from Microsoft. Available at
Stype XP Beta and STYLE BUILDER BetaFrom TGISOFT. Style XP is a powerful tool to change look and feel of your XP Desktop where as Style builder is a SKIN designing tool. Also available for download is XP LogonUI that would help you customize your logon screen.
ISO Recorder: Windows XP provides limited CD BURNING SUPPORT. But if you want to do some thing more sophisticated like burning ISO image, you have to download third part software or may be microsoft would provide it on their website for a small fee sometime in future. But don't wait, you can get it now from This is not fullproof but is available for free at the moment.
Windows Blind and Object Desktop: Shareware that can change the look and feel of your Desktop. Available for download at . Please visit their website and find more about it. Object Desktop consists of Windows Blind, Icon Packager among other things.
Cursor XP: Created Animated PNG or BMP images. Also create animated cursor that are far superior to defaults provided by Microsoft. Visit there site at
Windows XP Administration Tools Pack beta 3: Administrative Tools pack for 2000 Servers from Windows XP machines. Read more about it at
Want to control what goes on in background. Download XP-ANTISPY from Its a FREEWARE so come with DISCLAIMER notice.
Want to find out the what graphical features of XP are supported by your hardware/video card. visit and download XP Bench
Do not have a bootable CDROM and want to install WINDOWS XP. You have got a solution. Create setup disks for Windows XP PRO Boot install by going at Windows® XP Professional Utility: Setup Disks for floppy boot install. If you want setup disk for WINDOWS XP HOME, go here Windows® XP Home Edition Utility: Setup Disks for floppy boot install.
Visit Software 602, Inc at and download a Microsoft Office comapatible PC Suite for Free. It is compact and would do the job. Nothing beats freeware
Visit Trillian at and download a flexible messanger that works with all four major (YAHOO,IRC, AOL and MSN) messengers.
Visit Zone Alarm at and download a powerful personal Firewall for free. Ad enabled FREEWARE.
Visit Xteq at and download one of the best tweaking tools available on internet.
Visit CoolBeans at and download three cool toys. Coolbeans System Info, Coolbeans CPU meter and Coolbeans NFO creator. All are FREEWARE.
Visit at and get a list of latest driver updates from various manufactures for Windows XP and download them and if you are interested in sharewares don't forget to check shareware section at
Visit Sygate at and download powerful competitor to Zone Alarm. Personal version for home use is FREEWARE
Visit Zipgenius at and download another powerful FREEWARE which does much more than ZIP/UNZIP work.
Borland Delphi 6 Personal Edition is a powerful RAD application development tool for Windows environment and supports XP. This is free. I have installed it on my computer. Give it a try. All that you need to do is to fill a brief survey. Also available is JBuilder6. PLease visit