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1 A powerful source of Information of All things that An IT Security Professional would ever need. This site is packed with enriching mine of information for all your IT needs. Period.
2 Windows 2000 Registry Reference Even though this site is dedicated to Windows XP, Some of the tweaks that I have learned and described deal with changes in registry and as such it is a good Idea to link this site as it is a good source on Registry Reference. If you need to refer to Command Tools, go to Windows 2000 Command Reference
3 I have found another site that is an excellant source of tips and tricks. Please visit this good souce at
4 Free online library
5. This site is a good starting point for a lot of information that you may find helpful. Information like social security number, distribution of last name in US and so forth.

I always visit one of the following site for my freeware/shareware needs - ZDNET owned site that covers many of the daily downloads of freeware and share a worldwide distribution network of freeware and shareware CNET owned downloadsite TUCOS is another great source of good freeware and shareware Another source of freeware is another source of freeware

7. I liked this site . Has lot of good sutff on Windows XP.
8. Also has all the important compilation of links realated with Windows.
9. Windows Guide Network provides technical resources and support for tweaking,
managing and securing the Windows operating system using the registry,
scripting and security.
10. is another site that has some good stuff on Windows XP.

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