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Sr. No. Tool/Utility name Description of tool
1 MSCONFIG Slow boot problem; changing startup apps or sequence; multi-boot config
2 DXDIAG DirectX diagnostic tool to fix problems with high quality graphics etc
3 REGEDIT or REGEDT32 32 bit Registry Editor for advanced user fine tuning
4 MSINFO32 Microsoft System Information Tool
5 GPEDIT.MSC Microsoft Group Policy Editor: Full featured XP configuration tool

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Sr. No. Tool/Utility name Description of Command tool
1 TREE Prints the directry tree structure in Command enviroment
2 PING Check your network connection availability
3 ROUTE Print parameter details network interface of computer
4 ASSOC Displays associations for file extensions
5 IPCONFIG Displays ip configurations details
6 BOOTCFG Display boot.ini info at Command prompt
7 DEFRAG Do disk defragmentation
8 DISKPART Do disk partitioning
9 GETMAC Get media address control
10 DRIVERQUERY List all the drivers installed on your system
11 PAGEFILECONFIG Config virtual memory settings
12 PRNCNFG Config printer settings
13 PRNQCTL Test print or pause/resume printer
14 SC Config service information
15 SHUTDOWN Shutdown your computer
16 SYSTEMINFO Display system info
17 TASKKILL kill or terminate one or more tasks
18 TASKLIST List tasks
19 SCHTASKS Schedule and run tasks periodically
20 ARP TCP/IP ARP implementation
21 PATHPING TCP/IP PATHPING implementation
22 CACLS Control ACLs program
23 NSLOOKUP Do name service lookup (tells ISP's server name,IP etc..)
24 MSG Send messages to a user or session
25 HOSTNAME Get host name
26 REG Console Registry tool
27 NETSH Network Command Shell
28 NETSTAT TCP/IP NETSTAT implementation
29 RCP TCP/IP RCP implementation
30 RSH TCP/IP RSH implementation