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Hey music lovers out there. You've come to the right place if you want to know concert dates and some info on some alternative bands. I also have some cool links to check out. You can even e-mail me, if you dare...
click here and die!

This is a pretty cool web site with Swirly backgrounds.


Tales From A Parallel Universe!-the official Lexx web site link. Check out my page about the awesomest science fiction movie series in the world.

I support all local music, especially my fave local band, Guava. Visit my Fanpage dedicated to this kickin' group.

I found a really awesome Florida based band called Radioflier. They're a pretty cool band so go look at their web site. NOW!

As I said before, here are some Concert tell ya the truth there's 2 concert search engines on here now. Hey, you can still find out when groups are coming to your town though.

If you want to know some info on some bands, check out my page of Cool Bands

Look, here I am. Jill thought of that one.

I'm also starting a links page, cool stuff page, art page, a cool local band page and an MP3 page.


Since I really like the Simpsons, I decided to put a sound clip from my favorite episode.

Homer is saying my famous line( i say it better).

THE STAR WARS TRILOGY RULES!! And here's the sound to prove it!

Everyone worship all my friends, including Kim, and all my pals at GlenOak and St. Thomas. Thanks Adam, I could have never done this without you!

Due to no demand, I'm putting my signature which is on the bottom of all my e-mails on here.

will this guy ever get out of this box?

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