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Welcome to my world of Babylon 5, Mr. Bean, Dinosaurs, travel, humor, free stuff and more!!

Hi, I'm Datagirl7.

I was in the Chicago Tribune a while ago about free stuff. It has long been deleted from their free access site. The article is copied here.

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I live in Chicago with my cat Murf. Here he's "helping" me with my disseration. I got him when he was three years old from the Humane Society -- I can't believe someone else gave him up. I think that he was in some sort of drug or shock experiment because he's really strange. His favorite thing to do is chew on my hair (paper and pencaps are also well-chewed). He doesn't like catnip at all. He doesn't purr. He doesn't "meow", instead he makes a "mmmmrrrrrrrppphhhhh"ing sound -- hence his name. But he's totally adorable and has a cuteness factor of 10. But enough about Murf.

Sad update: Murf died April 6, 2002 after a 3 year run with kidney failure (and at the end hypertension and anemia). He was the sweetest cat and will be missed for a very long time.

In May, I got a new cat. Her name is Munchkin. Here are some pics of her. She's pretty cute too. :-)
I just got another cat - Pumpkin - I'll put up a pic of them together soon. He's another orange cat. He's a real sweetie. Check this out for info about the proliferation of cats on the web.

I am a SciFi addict and I spend a lot of time reading SciFi books and watching SciFi TV shows. I especially like Arthur C. Clarke (the Rama series is quite possibly the best SciFi I've ever read). I have read very little Science Fantasy (which is different than SciFi) but did thoroughly enjoy Melanie Rawn's Sunrunner Series. It's a 6 book series (each with about 600 pages), and it is excellent. I have read it three times in the past three years. It is one long story in which occurances in the last book relate to things that happened in the first book - 3000 pages before. In that way it is similar to what I consider the best show on TV, Babylon 5.

I also enjoy reading fiction. I recently have been reading a lot of Ken Follet, Jeffrey Archer, Barbara Taylor Bradford and more. I normally read at least one book a week mostly during the commute to and from work.

Things I'm interested in: