Selected Pieces of Datagirl7's Humor Collection

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Selections from Datagirl7's Humor Collection

Most of what I collect is bloopers or other silly quotes people say (quite often children and politicians) and also stories about exceptionally stupid people (including Darwin Award winners -- so called becuase they tend to weed themselves right out of the gene pool). I include the names of authors whenever I know them. If you know who any of these can be attributed to, please send me an email:
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BLOOPERS Most of these I have collected from various sources and edited together into collections about different topics. If you copy them, please reference this page. Or better yet, just link to my page.
This is pretty much my entire collection of bloopers, if you have more PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE send them to me. Datagirl7


TRUE HUMOR that actually happened:

OTHER HUMOR: Things that did not happen (or happened intentionally):

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