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Definition: [Prince William Horoscope] 21:03 BST, 21 June 2003 is Prince William's 21st birthday. Astrologers often calculate a 'solar return' horoscope for a time such as this. The solar system, star charts and planetary positions for William's 21st birthday are given below.

Prince William's 21st Birthday Solar System: Prince William's 21st birthday solar system is illustrated right. The positions of the planets in their paths around the Sun are accurately shown. The planets themselves are shown much larger than their real appearance would be, as in reality they would all be too small to see at this scale. The Moon is not depicted, as at this scale it is essentially in the same place as the Earth. Moving out from the Sun, the order of the planets is Mercury, Venus, Earth-Moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and finally Pluto.

Saturn is on the opposite side of the Sun to the Earth. In contrast Pluto is out beyond the Earth, almost opposite Saturn. Uranus and Neptune are quite close in their orbital paths in the upper right of the chart. Mercury and Venus are very close together on their paths.

When we look at one of these planets in the night sky, its place against the background constellations - the Planetary Zodiac - depends on two things: where the Earth is in its path around the Sun and where the planet is on its path around the Sun. In other words, the planet moves, but so does the place we are observing the planet from - the Earth - which also makes the planet appear to move against the background constellations. To see examples of how this works for the skies at Prince William's birth see Inner Solar System Planets [Sun to Venus] and the Outer Solar System Planets [Mars to Neptune] - the two components of Prince William's full birth chart.


The solar system at the exact moment of the 21st birthday of Prince William, viewed from the North Celestial Pole. [The orbits have been scaled slightly to separate out the planets. At the real scale the inner planets would be difficult to separate out. The positions of the planets in their orbits are accurate.]

Prince William's 21st Birthday Star Charts There are two charts below. One shows the northern hemisphere sky on 21st Jun 2003, the other the southern hemisphere sky. The curved line - marked in degrees - in each hemsipshere is the Ecliptic.


Prince William's 21st birthday: the northern hemisphere sky on 21 June 2003 at 21:03 BST.


Prince William's 21st birthday: the southern hemisphere sky on 21 June 2003 at 21:03 BST.

Prince William's 21st birthday has two striking planetary conjunctions from the View Point of Earth: the Sun together with Saturn and Venus together with Mercury.

The Sun is seen just on the cusp of Gemini, the Twins, with Saturn lying very close to it seen against the stars of Gemini close to the border with Orion, the Hunter. Venus and Mercury are both seen against the stars of Taurus, the Bull. They are so close, from the Earth's View Point, that Venus effectively occults Mercury. Jupiter is in Cancer, the Crab, close to the cusp of Leo, the Lion. The half Moon is transiting Pisces, the Fishes. Mars and Uranus lie very close together against the stars of Aquarius, the Water Carrier. Neptune is transiting Capricornus, the Sea Goat. Pluto is seen against the stars of Ophiuchus, close to the cusp of Serpens Cauda, the Serpent's Tail.

The movement of the Sun and planets along the Ecliptic as seen from Earth is generally towards greater angles unless the planet has an apparent Retrograde motion. For example, since William's birth, Pluto - the slowest moving planet, as seen from Earth - has moved about 45° from approximately 210° of the Ecliptic in Virgo, the Maiden to approximately 255° of the Ecliptic in Ophiuchus, the Serpent Bearer.

Occultations: There are very few occultations of the stars by the planets, as seen from Earth, at Prince William's 21st birthday:

Sun       None.
Mercury   Within 5 degrees of Tau Tauri, in Taurus.
Venus     Within 5 degrees of Tau Tauri, in Taurus.
Moon      None.
Mars      None.
Jupiter   None.
Saturn    Occults Propus, Eta Geminorum, in Gemini.
Uranus    None.
Neptune   Within 2 degrees of Theta Capricorni in Capricornus.
Pluto     Within 2 degrees of Sabik, Eta Ophiuchi in Ophiuchus.

Further Information: Shown below is the positional information of the planets at the moment of William's 21st birthday.

Declination Distance
From 90°N 0°W:
Altitude Azimuth
Sun 6h 0m 7s +23° 26.4' 1.016 23.440 120.325 Up
Mercury 4h 53m 54s +21° 38.3' 1.176 21.639 136.877 Up
Venus 4h 51m 55s +21° 53.0' 1.645 21.884 137.375 Up
Moon 0h 16m 10s -3° 0.6' 62.6 ER -3.010 -153.686 Set
Mars 22h 21m 19s -14° 19.2' 0.616 -14.319 -124.977 Set
Jupiter 9h 15m 45s +16° 44.1' 6.008 16.736 71.415 Up
Saturn 6h 9m 54s +22° 36.9' 10.046 22.615 117.878 Up
Uranus 22h 19m 54s -11° 13.0' 19.540 -11.216 -124.621 Set
Neptune 21h 1m 12s -16° 57.0' 29.326 -16.950 -104.946 Set
Pluto 17h 12m 16s -13° 26.9' 29.679 -13.449 -47.712 Set

ER is 'Earth radii' i.e. the Moon lies 57 times the radius of the Earth away from the Earth. The other distances are in AU, astronomical units. 1 AU is the average distance from the Earth to the Sun, i.e. Neptune and Pluto are both more than twenty-nine times further from the Sun than the Earth is. Azimuth in the above table follows the astronomical convention: zero degrees is South with positive angles toward the West and negative angles toward the East. From the viewpoint of the place of birth of Prince William, the Sun, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn are all above the horizon - though as the Sun is still in the sky they will not be visible - the Moon and the other planets are below the horizon..

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