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Definition: [Prince William Horoscope] Prince William has one of the most astrologically predicted lives there has ever been. Here is Brandy Jasmine's version from the web site. She rates the Yod formation as important for William. She uses aspects and houses througout her horoscope, but does not use the Zodiac Signs nor state her House System. Copyright of this text resides with the original author.

Prince William is a focus of much speculation as he grows into a handsome, confident your man. Will he be king one day? Has he chosen a princess of his own? How will he express his unique talents?

Seems a shame that a bright, sensitive and intelligent young man like William finds himself in the position to be heir to his mother’s crown of Media Regent, but his good looks and charm almost guarantee he’ll be the centre of attention for a long time to come.

Another of her heartaches that he’s in danger to inherit is unhappiness in marriage related to "career". William has several loose squares between the house of "fame, fortune and career" and his house of "committed partnerships". With North Node Square Saturn, he’s likely to follow the hidebound traditions of his family and pick a partner who is popular with the people. But she may not touch his soul. He also has Sun Trine Jupiter in the "marriage" house and it’s tempting to speculate he may inherit some of his father’s proclivities as well. Hopefully he’ll have learned something from Charles’ mistakes, but there is something of a blind-spot in the family dynamic and he may find himself in the position of making the exact same mistakes his father did. I don’t think he’ll marry this year, but next year Saturn transits the marriage house, and that’s when he will be serious about settling down and establishing himself in his family.

Unfortunately, William is likely to find marriage to be as restrictive and prison-like as his mother did. It is only if he bucks tradition and selects his mate on the basis to true friendship and companionship that he has a chance to be happy. Hopefully Charles and Camilla have taught him more than his chart suggests. Their relationship has definitely left a karmic imprint in the impressionable young man.

One of the more interesting formations in William’s chart is a "Yod" formation, also known as a "Finger of God". Yods point out a special aspect of destiny in the natal chart, and William’s Yod speaks of creative, artistic, musical skills that others find healing or comforting. It has been said that the young prince has expressed a desire to move to America and take up a career in show business. His chart indicates that this may not be completely out of the picture. There have been actors and musicians in the royal family. If he were to pursue this interest it would be a massive shock to some people, but there is no doubt it would be a highly entertaining development. It may be impossible for him to overcome the resistance in his family though, and it may be possible that he’ll take up writing or charitable work that allows him to touch upon a community of creative people without giving up his authority of position in the royal family. Another thing that this Yod indicates is that William possesses the same psychic sensitivity and interests as his mother, but he’s likely to keep these thoughts secret or at the very least, private.

2002-2003 is likely to be a very interesting time for William. There are few major challenges, but a lot of adjustments. As always, the major tension in his life is related to family, and the loss of family members is a theme in his Solar Return chart for the next 12 months. This could reflect grief from the losses already suffered, but there is the possibility of another death in the royal family this year, most likely an older male that lends some stability to his life, a guide in his career path.

Speaking of career, 2002 is going to be an extremely busy year, with a lot of choices to be made. There will be a lot of pressure from the family to pursue philanthropic responsibilities, and there is a need to watch his energy levels for his own health and well being.

Though it’s a challenging year, there are a lot of Trines to "fun, friendship, romance and entertainment" houses. The prince will be partying quite a lot this year, making new friends, meeting new people, and opening the doors to a future romance that could have the potential to be long-lasting.

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