Sponsors 1/2: Benma 1/2's Spring Splash II
Benma 1/2's Spring Splash II
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Benma's Spring Splash II

This is the Sponsors Page. It is where I would like to thank people and institutions who have contributed to this web page or my well-being in general.

I would like to thank my mother, who has put up with all of the crap that I put her through growing up...I would like to thank my father for making me what I am today...I would like to thank USC for enrolling me, giving me the financial aid I need, and for my Bachelor's degree...I would like to thank MIIS for enrolling me, giving me the financial aid I need, and for allowing me to pursue a Master's Degree...I would like to thank Shelley Cordova, for allowing things to work out after I seriously f@#$%* up, for being my best friend, and for being one of the people I will always treasure most in my life...I would like to thank my uncle Garry who, if not for taking me to my first Dodger game, I would not have gotten as interested in sports, certainly not as soon, and for giving me information for the games over the years that I have not been privileged enough to watch...I would like to thank Takahashi-san, the creator of Ranma 1/2, for giving me inspiration for both my original web site and my new one, among other things...I would like to thank Trunks for setting me up with the skeleton for this website, as well asBrendo Buenaluz, Zoe, and again Trunks who have taught me the html I needed to make this page...I would like to thank VideoBurn for introducing me to Anime that fateful summer of 1994...Garth Brooks, Sarah McLachlan, Garbage, the Goo Goo Dolls, Globe and everyone else I listen to for the music...Shigeru Miyamoto for most if not all of the Nintendo classics I still play today....I would especially like to thank BofM--the Bank of Mom...and GOD, for creating the universe, because nothing would exist without HIM, and for keeping my friends and family safe.

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