Benma 1/2's Spring Splash II
Benma 1/2's Spring Splash II
Have visited Benma 1/2's Spring Splash II since April 21, 2000.

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Benma's Spring Splash II
Benma 1/2 Talismans

You might be asking yourself, what are talismans? Cool things that can be seen in and about my room, some in AGSMA skits, things that can easily be identified with me. So without further ado...

Eggbaby was used for AGSMA's SDCC2K skit, Adventures in Babysitting...And Beyond, or Blunder Beyond, as we affectionately (or not...) call it. Seen in one episode of Batman Beyond, this was Terry's Family Studies homework project (he had a partner, but she had no time to be a good mother, and guess who has to take it with him when he's out saving Gotham...)

The Eggbaby that will be pictured is MUCH different than it appeared on stage--this upgraded version has a solidly painted face, all of the hiccups in the papier-mache have been sanded down, the tape over the hole in its head has been replaced with papier-mache, and it has a blanket to boot.


This will be a picture of the $100 Collector's Series 700+ piece lego set that took a decent amount of time to put together. Not for the faint of heart. But it looks so sweet! The control stick array is even movable! Now all I need is the Collector's Series X-Wing to go with it!

Signs I made for "Adventures In Babysitting...And Beyond" which were used on stage in this form:
Prop Sign Prop Sign Prop Sign Prop Sign

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