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Born in London, Ontario, Pat Forde now resides in Waterloo, where he writes fiction about complexity theory, the impact of emerging science on geopolitics, n-dimensional threads through history, time travel, and tales that might generally be called "civilization thrillers".

Pat's novella "In Spirit" is a 2003 Hugo Award nominee, won the Analog readers award (AnLab) for best novella of the year, was a Nebula Award preliminary nominee and made the Locus magazine Recommended Reading List for 2002. Pat has had the lead story in an all-Canadian Tesseracts anthology, and you can hear a reading of his fiction in the Best of Analog Science Fiction and Fact audio anthology (available now for download).

Pat's first sale also won the Analog Readers Award (Anlab) in the best novelette category, and received a Sturgeon Award Honorable Mention. He is currently working on several writing projects.

As an alumni of the Center for the Study of Science Fiction writers workshop, Pat encourages interested writers to sample the Center's array of essays on SF by award-winning critic and workshop leader James Gunn. Pat has also benefited from wonderful encounters over the years within the community of Canadian SF authors, including advice from the knowledgeable James Alan Gardner (check out his terrific Seminar on Writing Prose, a must read for aspiring writers); encouragement from Julie Czerneda (for snippets of fiction by emerging writers, drop in to see Julie's SFF.Net newsgroup); and direction from Robert Sawyer, a marvelous teacher and spokesperson for the SF field (whose homepage is an SF universe unto itself).

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