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Edo van Belkom
Edo van Belkom was born in Toronto in 1962. He is principally a horror writer but has published some fantasy and Science Fiction short stories and non-fiction. His first novel, Wyrm Wolf, was nominated for The Bram Stoker Award for superior achievement in a first novel in 1995. Edo and co-author David Nickle won the Bram Stoker Award for their short story Rat Food. Edo's other novels include  Lord Soth, Mr. Magick, Teeth, Martyrs, Scream Queen, Blood Road and his 2005 Prix Aurora Award-Winning Wolf Pack. He has two short story collections, Six Inch Spikes and Death Drives a Semi

Edo has an excellent non-fiction book called Northern Dreamers. It contains interviews of many prominent Canadian authors and proved to be a valuable reference for the creation of this website. Edo's anthology called Aurora Awards features award winning stories by Robert J. Sawyer, Candas Jane Dorsey, Robert Charles Wilson and seven other Canadian SF authors. He also edited an anthology called Northern Horror which features 17 stories by top Canadian and American authors. Included are stories by Rob Sawyer, David Nickle, Stephanie Bedwell-Grime, Terrence Green, Andrew Weiner and Ed Greenwood. Edo has edited two other anthologies, Be Afraid and Be Very Afraid.

Look for Edo's newest woks Lone Wolf  and James Axler Deathlands - Skydark Spawn

Look for Edo van Belkom's newest works,

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