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Karl Schroeder
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Ventus The Claus Effect: With David Nickle The Complete Idiots Guide to Publishing Science Fiction Tesseracts 5 Northern Suns edited by Glenn Grant and David G. Hartwell.
Karl Schroeder was born in Brandon, Manitoba in 1962. He has the distinction of being the second SF author to come from his small Mennonite community (the first being Canada's only Grand Master, A.E. van Vogt.) 

Karl's published fiction include three novels and a number of short stories. His first novel, The Claus Effect (co-written by David Nickle), is based on his Aurora Award winning short story The Toy Mill (also co-written by David Nickle). Karl's short fiction has appeared in On Spec, in Tesseracts 3, 4 and 5,  and in Northern Suns. His novel, Ventus, was a "New York Times Notable Book". Karl also co-wrote The Complete Idiots Guide to Publishing SF with fellow Canadian Cory Doctorow. Karl's latest novel, Permanence won the 2003 Prix Aurora Award for best long-form work in English and made the short list for a 2003 Sunburst Award.

Karl Schroeder is a past president and co-founder of SF Canada. He also designed and implemented the SF Canada Website which is currently maintained by fellow Canadian SF author Edward Willet.

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