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Tesseract Anthologies
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Tesseracts 5 Tesseracts 6 Tesseracts 7 Tesseracts Q
The Tesseract Anthologies is a series of nine anthologies of the best in Canadian Science Fiction. The collection includes Tesseracts1 through 8 and a special Quebec anthology called TesseractsQ

The first was edited by Judith Merril and featured short fiction by Candas Jane Dorsey, William Gibson, Terrence Green, Phyllis Gotleib and many other Canadian SF greats. Some of the guest editors of subsequent Tesseract Anthologies have been Phyllis Gotleib, Candas Jane Dorsey, and Robert J Sawyer and has featured short stories by many of the Canadian authors listed in this guide.

Edited by John Clute and Candas Jane Dorsey
Tesseracts 8, edited by John Clute and Candas Jane Dorsey
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