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These are photos that I can't defintively place in the time line of Alexeyev's career. They are from various sources and are credited where credit is due.

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This is from a trading card sent to me by
the fellow who first alerted me to Scott
Smith's arranged signing with Vasily.
Alexeev proudly displays his sash of
medals that celebrated his remarkable achievements
in weightlifting. A writer for Sports Illustrated
estimated the distance it covered across his barrel sized
torso at four feet (or just over 1.2 m for you metric folks).
Vasily and his petite wife Olimpiada. In his
biography he says, "Many think she is perhaps my little daughter.
They are convinced the wife of the strongest man must
surely weigh 200 kilos."
This picture was submitted by American
former weightlifter turned wrestler Terry Manton.
He had the honor of meeting the big man on his way to
a weightlifting exhibition held in Las Vegas.
A wrist injury kept Vasily from finishing the exhibition
meet but, never one to disappoint his fans, he set
a record in the one-armed snatch.
This is a nice piece of work I
found in a newsgroup on the web. I don't
know the source of the original picture
but the "author" credits himself in
the lower right corner. I believe this
is from the 72 Olympics, but am not certain of it.
Last, but certainly not least, is my autographed
8x10 of Vasily performing the snatch. It
was obtained through Scott Smith's arranged
signing. Again I'm not certain of its
origin, but if I had to guess I would
say it looks to be from the 76 Olympics.
Judging from the thickness he is sporting
in his chest and delts I think this must be from
fairly late in his career.
By contrast with the above photo this
appears to be from quite early in Alexeyev's career.
This was donated by someone who found
it on a Russian site. It is apparently
a publicity shot from a Soviet sports
publication and I have left all identifying
credits in it to hopefully avoid copyright infringement.

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