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Bernard Trink has been a fixture in Bangkok newspapers for decades: first in tabloids, then with the defunct Bangkok World and for many years since a staple of the Bangkok Post. His Nite Owl column has been the most-viewed feature of any Asian newspaper since the Post began publishing online in 1996. His weekly column remains a touchstone for expatriates in Thailand and Siam-philes abroad, reminding them all by turns of why they came and why they left.

Certainly he can be given much credit (or blame) for raising awareness of Thailand's nightlife and daylife scenes while regularly touching on many diverse themes: paid sex in Bangkok and Pattaya; bar and restaurant tips; popular entertainment and current events; scams, scandals and scoundrels; cab rides and khatoeys (ladyboys); prostitutes, punters and publicans; the price of tinned beef stew; and often the very personal and painful details of his own life.

More to the point, if he hasn't gored your ox at least once, either you're not living in the twenty-first century or you've never been to Thailand!

While Trink has his detractors and supporters in roughly equal numbers (they read him weekly, just the same) and has been the subject of a less than flattering biography, to be best appreciated he must be read, preferably with a larger frame of reference and through a longer timeline. It is to that end that this work is offered.

There has been no effort made to date to create a comprehensive "webography" and master guide to Trink's Nite Owl columns and we undertake this as our purpose. While the archive and search features of the Bangkok Post remain woefully poor, we've been able to locate a great number of articles using the Internet Archive "Wayback Machine".

As of this writing (mid-August 2002) we've located 290 of 328 prior editions of the Nite Owl (or Trink Page as it was styled in some periods) and will continue, time permitting, to add the most recent columns as they are placed into the Post's archives. We welcome all assistance in locating articles not currently listed. Our research efforts will go on as well.


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We were afraid this day would come. The Bangkok Post has taken to charging for access to the full-text articles in their archives.

What this means most immediately to this page is that NONE of the links in pink below will work: the server formerly located at has been taken offline. To underscore this point, all affected links have been marked up with a line through them.

Fortunately we have preserved an independent archive, downloading all of the articles (though 29 August 2003) to which we were formerly linked and have stored them safely away.

Now we are faced with two challenges: the rather mundane technical task of presenting those articles in a readable format; and more importantly, the ethical implications of copyright violation, theft of intellectual property and undercutting the revenue of the Post to whatever degree.

We stand by what we wrote from the begining -- We definitely DO NOT say "I Don't Give A Hoot" about intellectual property rights...

However, the richness of this resource as well as the time invested in this site make us wonder if a middle path is available, something between outright theft and a full-blown scholarly project cum justification for retransmission. As a hobby project, making a purchase of the Trink archives from the Post is not within reason.

We're going to think about this for awhile. Thanks for your patience and please check back with us in a few weeks

7 November 2003


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We wish to thank:

  • "Tintin of Sweden" for the 11 pieces now stored in the local archive.

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Serving as Guide to a Richly Tawdry Bazaar
Seth Mydans pens a fluffy piece for the Saturday Profile section of the New York Times.
Includes a rare photo of Trink on his rounds. [Registration may be required to view article.]
(Update: Fee now required to view this item in the Times' archive. Bastards...)

A Walk on the Wild Side
Robert Horn reviews Jennifer Bliss' biography of Trink for TimeAsia, October 16, 2000 Vol. 156 No. 15.
Another photo -- Trink on the job circa 1987 -- is the highlight here.

This is Trink!
Chris King, The Nation's "Farang Affairs" columnist, does a turn in the style of the master. (22 Nov 2002)

S. Tsow gushes in this Bangkok Post review of Bliss' book.

National Radio reprises Trink on Pattaya, plus a photo.

May 05/05/96 -none- Sep 07/09/96 Not in the Thai vocabulary
11/05/96-none- 14/09/96 Paragons of virtue
18/05/96On violent movies 21/09/96 People with strong convictions
25/05/96Exaggerations 28/09/96 Readers' suggestions
Jun 01/06/96 Daydreams and reality Oct 05/10/96 The end of an era?
08/06/96 People need beliefs 12/10/96 The importance of image
15/06/96 On raising children 19/10/96 Universal male circumcision?
22/06/96 Cases of "TIT" 26/10/96 The feminist movement
29/06/96 Who is the 'real me'? Nov 02/11/96 Lottery ticket hopes
Jul 06/07/96 Far from my thoughts 09/11/96 Another business offer
13/07/96 Hard luck stories 16/11/96 Advice is cheap
20/07/96 Everybody cheats 23/11/96 Credit, IOUs and collateral
27/07/96 Favourite sports films 30/11/96 An incident in the life of yours truly
Aug 03/08/96 Welcome to the future Dec 07/12/96 Many statistics are spurious
10/08/96 Identifying with screen characters 14/12/96 Creatures of habit
17/08/96 Madness 21/12/96 An offer I refused
24/08/96 On doomed marriages 28/12/96 Prostitution is here to stay
31/08/96 Censors have it wrong  
03-Aug-1996: First column after Trink's page space in the print edition is cut in half. He takes it well.
19-Oct-1996: BT announces the death of his son, Terry Trink, from cancer at age 27. RIP.
Jan 04/01/97 New Year resolutions Jul 05/07/97 Rescind these laws, please
11/01/97 Farang know-it-alls 12/07/97 A dozen working years
18/01/97 The motto of the 90's 19/07/97 The underlying cause of the disaster
25/01/97 Sidewalk superintendents 26/07/97 Unmerited insults
Feb 01/02/97 Nigerian scam spreads to Gabon Aug 02/08/97 Obsessions people have
08/02/97 Wishful thinking and reality 09/08/97 Fanciful accomplishments
15/02/97 Two scary crimes 16/08/97 -unknown-
22/02/97 What I don't want to know 23/08/97 -none-
Mar 01/03/97 A scary story debunked 30/08/97 -none-
08/03/97 Who says life is fair? Sep 06/09/97 -none-
15/03/97 Taking on a new persona 13/09/97 The astrology profession
22/03/97 Don't blame men please 20/09/97 -none-
29/03/97 When everybody lies, whom can you trust? 27/09/97 -none-
Apr 05/04/97 My criterion for judging religions Oct 04/10/97 A Joke is a joke is a joke
12/04/97 Self-serving scenarios 11/10/97 Ambiguous headlines in the Press
19/04/97 Waiting for the bus 18/10/97 Times are hard
26/04/97 The system needs changing 25/10/97 The book I won't write
May 03/05/97 The height of stupidity Nov 01/11/97 The spurious HIV connection
10/05/97 Memorable film music 08/11/97 Faith, hope and dreams
17/05/97 Why do people marry? 15/11/97 Minority view makes sense
24/05/97 Convention decides sex appeal 22/11/97 Who cares about the great questions?
31/05/97 'Why don't you?' 29/11/97 No offence intended
Jun 07/06/97 Very well read, indeed Dec 06/12/97 Responses from readers
14/06/97 Not as easy as it looks 13/12/97 Professional honesty
21/06/97 E-mail from my readers 20/12/97 Intransigent opinions
28/06/97 Who needs people? 27/12/97 Off the top of my head


Jan 03/01/98 -unknown- Jul 04/07/98 Right is right
10/01/98 Persuasion: Thai-style 11/07/98 Conmen can be convincing
17/01/98 The perfect fall guy 18/07/98 I know what I like
24/01/98 How the sexes differ 25/07/98 Books open our minds
31/01/98 When the sap is flowing Aug 01/08/98 The Nigerians are at it again
Feb 07/02/98 HIV not sexually transmitted 08/08/98 The wicked witch lives on
14/02/98 VIP treatment is fun 15/08/98 Wise and witty quotations
21/02/98 Meaningless polite phrases 22/08/98 Favours and obligations
28/02/98 Advice: Worthwhile or worthless? 29/08/98 Animals have right to life
Mar 07/03/98 Church bulletin bloopers Sep 05/09/98 The way I see it
14/03/98 Some people are certifiable 12/09/98 Correcting misconceptions
21/03/98 Good entertainment, poor history 18/09/98 Panning for stories
28/03/98 Look for rectitude elsewhere 25/09/98 Lessons of the masters
Apr 04/04/98 Disappearing people Oct 02/10/98 Nobody appreciates it
11/04/98 Looking forward to happiness 09/10/98 A nasty nitery scam
18/04/98 Opposing points of view 16/10/98 Surrounded by lies
25/04/98 Emotive English words 23/10/98 Empty threats
May 02/05/98 School absence excuses 30/10/98 Undermining Wall Street
09/05/98 Hot enough for you? Nov 06/11/98 Lots to laugh about here
16/05/98 The years between 13/11/98 Few books worthwhile
23/05/98 Prostitution and morality 20/11/98 What is a vet?
30/05/98 Admirable people and sundry questions 27/11/98 -unknown-
Jun 06/06/98 'Do you love your mother?' Dec 04/12/98 Complex, illogical, puzzling
13/06/98 Marking time until 18 11/12/98 Memories are made of this
20/06/98 The brush off by e-mail 18/12/98 The nitery scene in 1999
27/06/98 Relationships and attitude 25/12/98 Owl impersonation
25-Dec-1998: Bernie announces he's been hacked!
Jan 01/01/99 Elephant jokes on Day One Jul 02/07/99 Laws aren't holy writ
08/01/99 Trink's top 10 films of 1998 09/07/99 It's about commissions
15/01/99 Misunderstandings 16/07/99 Male jokes are sad
22/01/99 Hiding the real you 23/07/99 Pregnancy Q&A
29/01/99 This page isn't porno 30/07/99 What the people want
Feb 05/02/99 An Internet petition Aug 06/08/99 More household tips
12/02/99 Of naivete and experience 13/08/99 Quotas and costumes
19/02/99 In the spirit of goodwill 20/08/99 The projected Thai image
26/02/99 Drink in moderation 27/08/99 Letters from readers
Mar 05/03/99 With a grain of salt (I) Sep 03/09/99 Professionals and wannabes
12/03/99 With a grain of salt (II) 10/09/99 Who's afraid of the big bad wolf?
19/03/99 Called to the colours 17/09/99 What the animal rightists say
26/03/99 People with only one story 24/09/99 No book in the pipeline
Apr 02/04/99 The other fellow is smarter Oct 01/10/99 Letters from readers
09/04/99 Nigerian scam on Internet 08/10/99 Talking at cross purposes
16/04/99 Learning from experience 15/10/99 Papadoxes of our time
23/04/99 Readers' requests 22/10/99 Jokes about the dead and dying
30/04/99 Keeping up with change 29/10/99 Time on their hands
May 07/05/99 The slaughter of innocents Nov 05/11/99 My etymologist readers
14/05/99 Making major choices 12/11/99 Over 20 e-mails a day
21/05/99 Neo-Murphy's laws 19/11/99 Nigerian scam pandemic
28/05/99 -unknown- 26/11/99 Answering e-mail
Jun 04/06/99 Things I don't know Dec 03/12/99 Heard from my readers
11/06/99 Readers' observations 10/12/99 Fans and detractors
18/16/99 Luck -- good and bad 17/12/99 What men seek in a wife
25/06/99 Allowable limericks 24/12/99 Carnival - a temple fair
  31/12/99 A wish for the new millennium
Article of 12-March-1999 is new, but the title, 'With a grain of salt', was left unchanged.
Jan 07/01/00 Trink's 10 best films of 1999 Jul 07/07/00 The origins of the wrench
14/01/00 Art for art's sake 14/07/00 Farang husband's lament
21/01/00 HIV to Aids? Not according to the facts 21/07/00 Support for writers
28/01/00 Majority view by e-mail 28/07/00 Your blood is needed
Feb 04/02/00 Lost E-mail and comments Aug 04/08/00 Thanks for the blood
11/02/00 Shooting down Cupid 11/08/00 Advice asked and given
18/02/00 On being a child again 18/08/00 friend A growing menace
25/02/00 Brickbats and bouquets 25/08/00 Con and scam together
Mar 03/03/00 Urban myths on the Internet Sep 01/09/00 Debunking an urban legend
10/03/00 But is my e-mail trustworthy? 08/09/00 Same scam, another approach
17/03/00 St Patrick's Day and pillow talk 15/09/00 Lawyer jokes aside, hire 'em
24/03/00 Letters from home 22/09/00 Marriage: Give and take
31/03/00 Still only a spectre 29/09/00 Few Thais are colour-blind
Apr 07/04/00 There are exceptions Oct 06/10/00 Farangs don't rate
14/04/00 A cry for help 13/10/00 Thailand's dowry system
21/04/00 The cry is heard 20/10/00 Visas, jobs and names
28/04/00 Airport chicanery 27/10/00 Saving money, losing face
May 05/05/00 Is the whingeing justified? Nov 03/11/00 -unknown-
12/05/00 Perfect hamburger quest 10/11/00 Standard sob story
19/05/00 Cool tips on the hottest buns 17/11/00 Satyrs keep score
26/05/00 Over to you 24/11/00 Prostitution and jokes
Jun 02/06/00 Striking a balance Dec 01/12/00 A dubious progress
09/06/00 Statistics and definitions 08/12/00 Round eyes on the strip
16/06/00 Unauthorised biography 15/12/00 It's Greek to me
23/06/00 -unknown- 22/12/00 Minority view not discredited
30/06/00 Readers' observations 29/12/00 Have I been cloned? dated 26-May-2000, and dated 23-June-2000
yield exactly the same article, 'Over to you'. It's presumed that the article is correctly dated 26-May and the 23-June article is designated missing above, but we request our visitor's assistance in verification.
Jan 05/01/01 10 best films of 2000 Jul 06/07/01 Closed to business
12/01/01 Orgasms: Readers' ways to tell 13/07/01 The good old days
19/01/01 Advertisements are just business tactics 20/07/01 Was that you?
26/01/01 The 'whole nine yards' 27/07/01 The hunt is on
Feb 02/02/01 Another incorrect diagnosis Aug 03/08/01 A question of character
09/02/01 Upper strata women sought 10/08/01 A flourishing scam
16/02/01 Variation on a theme 17/08/01 Farangs as fall guys
23/02/01 African An offer to co-eds 24/08/01 Immortality beckons
Mar 02/03/01 Beware the scams around us 30/11/01 Cost benefit analysis
09/03/01 Equal and opposite Sep 07/09/01 Figuring it out
16/03/01 Some mixed marriages work 14/09/01 Who needs tourists?
23/03/01 Songkran is no longer fun 21/09/01 Soul survivor
30/03/01 Restrooms and demimondaines 28/09/01 Double whammy
Apr 06/04/01 Convenient stereotypes Oct 05/10/01 Each to their own
13/04/01 The passport scam 12/10/01 Paying the price
20/04/01 Playing it by numbers 19/10/01 Ode to New York
27/04/01 Gypping is the locals' birthright 26/10/01 Booze, bombs and bars
May 04/05/01 Hangovers and HIV Nov 02/11/01 In search of sense
11/05/01 Objective deception 09/11/01 Makeway for the fembots
18/05/01 Putting a price on fun 16/11/01 Danger in the dark
25/05/01 Cyberbabes 23/11/01 The 'ao dais' have it
Jun 01/06/01 The Spirit of '76 30/11/01 Similar yet different
08/06/01 The conmen cometh Dec 07/12/01 Thanks for the memories
15/06/01 Out of Africa 14/12/01 The good old days?
22/06/01 Tea and sympathy 21/12/01 Search and deploy
29/06/01 You, I and the column 28/12/01 From spirited to spiritual
17-Aug-2001: Bangkok Post changes web publishing formats and the Real.Time era begins.
Jan 04/01/02 Celluloid appraisal Jul 05/07/02 Dropping the other shoe
11/01/02 Busts on bars a cop-out 12/07/02 Is the premise valid?
18/01/02 What price virtue? 19/07/02 A high price to pay
25/01/02 Numbers that count 26/07/02 In the eye of the beholder
Feb 01/02/02 Put a cork in it Aug 02/08/02 Phoneys at the petrol pump
08/02/02 System on a down 09/08/02 Sexotic competition
15/02/02 It's a fair cop 16/08/02 Cross my heart
22/02/02 Paperwork and pile-ups 23/08/02 Unfortunate figures
Mar 01/03/02 Comparative advantages 30/08/02 You can bet on it
08/03/02 Cynicism has its place Sep 06/09/02 The Laotian connection
15/03/02 Beep, beep... bang! 13/09/02 Wear a moneybelt
22/03/02 The lush's lament 20/09/02 A complex problem
29/03/02 Ignorance is bliss 27/09/02 Hope floats for the subway
Apr 05/04/02 It's a wash out Oct 04/10/02 Publicans staying put
12/04/02 Keep the country clean 11/10/02 Cruel solution
19/04/02 A deed praised 18/10/02 A touch of exotica
26/04/02 Cotton Mather gets his wish 25/10/02 Bin Looney's bar fixation
May 03/05/02 Beating the odds Nov 01/11/02 Sitting ducks
10/05/02 Talking trash 08/11/02 Gullible and greedy
17/05/02 What readers want 15/11/02 A New Yorker's plea
24/05/02 Scammers make a fortune 22/11/02 Chinese mafia get into the act
31/05/02 Bars aren't brothels 29/11/02 Mistake's theirs, problem yours
Jun 07/06/02 Bad-mannered and over here Dec 06/12/02 Grace out of favour
14/06/02 The celebration is on 13/12/02 Night workers feel the squeeze
21/06/02 Is she already wed? 20/12/02 Loud and clear
28/06/02 The pendulum will swing back 27/12/02 Your guess is as good as mine


Jan 03/01/03 Tinseltown trash Jun 06/06/03 Camp followers
10/01/03 New Year's Eve fiasco 13/06/03 Quiet valour
17/01/03 Highway tales 20/06/03 Etched in stone
24/01/03 Scam letter takes holy turn 27/06/03 Variation on old trick
31/01/03 Grin and bear it July 04/07/03 Strange fruit
Feb 07/02/03 Never ending story 11/07/03 Bright ideas
14/02/03 Nigerians talk back 18/07/03 Wife on the loose
21/02/03 High and dry 25/07/03 Counting their lucky stars
28/02/03 Trouble on the pitch Aug 01/08/03 The good, the bad and the ugly
Mar 07/03/03 The Secretary's early beginnings 08/08/03 Home-made bombs
14/03/03 Two-tier pricing all over 15/08/03 Proper English
21/03/03 One born every minute 22/08/03 Theory doesn't hold water
28/03/03 No credible threat 29/08/03 A cry for help
Apr 04/04/03 A ghoulish business Sep 05/09/03 Those were the days
11/04/03 Seeking a decent wage 12/09/03 The marrying game
18/04/03 Keeping up with the times 19/09/03 -unknown-
25/04/03 The injustice of survival 26/09/03 -unknown-
May 02/05/03 Safety first Oct 03/10/03 What's in a name?
09/05/03 Car thieves seem a step ahead 10/10/03 Compassionate indifference
16/05/03 Idiomatic phrase has elusive origin 17/10/03 Eastbound downers
23/05/03 Where in the world is 'Frawco'? 24/10/03 Macho maelstrom
30/05/03 Out for a breath of fresh air 31/10/03 Making a virtue of theft