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Who is Who? 
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Mr. Hates This former general collects ancient artifacts and valuable gemstones to keep for himself. Originally he was also known as Baron von Barron, but that has changed to Baron von Baron. Now he is also known as Sam Sanister and Lord Sam Sinister, not to be mistaken as the true Sam Sinister. He is also known as Alex Gluipstra. 

It is not known how he is related to Alexis Sanister. But the monthly vote of September 2000 show that most people think that they are either Farther/Daugher or Brother/Sister. 

This is one of the worlds most wanted as he is the mastermind behind crimes committed at 2541, 5914, 5919/5919/3722, 5920, 5928, 5948, 5955, 5975, 5978, 5987, 5988 and 9377.

Mr. Hates as pilot of the 5928.
When driving 2541 Mr. Hates doesn't wear his shoulder epaulettes.
Mr. Hates in India Mr. Hates disguised as Lord Sam Sinister
Mr. Hates has grown a small beard and changed his name to Lord Sam Sinister. On his tour through India, Himalaya and China he has raided 7409, 7414, 7416, 7418, 7419 and 7424.
Sometimes he is also using the name Ulrich Unhold.
Mr. Hates as pilot in 7417 Mr. Hates disguised as Lord Sam Sinister
From India he flew on to Himalaya where he plundered 7417.