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January 25, 2005
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Brockhaven Sen-Sen of Fondcombe

Four splendid cats arrived from the USA : Tavaron's Nout (Bronze female), Brockhaven Sen-Sen (Silver male), Brockhaven Dot's Heart and Tavaron's Sarina (Silver females). Now, we can breed any Mau colors.

Dot'sHeart & Nout


Tavaron's Sarina of Fondcombe

Egyptian Mau : history

History of this breed dates back at least 4,000 years to Ancient Egypt. The Egyptian Mau is in fact the cat domesticated from a spotted sub-species of the African Wild Cat. It is probably the ancestor of all our domestic cats.

Mau is the Egyptian word for cat. In ancien Egypt, it was nearly a god and cat killers were sentenced to death. Its picture can be found on many hieroglyphs. It still exists as semi wild cat in Egypt.

The exiled Russian princess Nathalie Troubetskoy first imported them from Egypt to Italy in 1954, then to North America in 1956. In the past, all Egyptian Maus traced their ancestry to two of the original imports from her Fatima Cattery.

In the 1950's the British who had admired Egyptian Maus in Egypt or Italy could not import them because of the rabies quarentine. They tried to "re-create" this breed by using abyssinian hybrids, tabby cats and siameses. The result was the spotted Oriental, which of course could not be transferred to CFA or other organizations as a true Egyptian Mau.



The Mau is the only naturally spotted breed of domestic cat. The Egyptian Mau shows off an elegant, randomly spotted body with a skin flap on the belly banded legs and tail, expressive almond-shaped gooseberry green eyes, distinctive mascara lines. Hind legs are slightly longer than the front legs. The coat comes in three colors: silver, bronze and smoke (the black Mau is not eligible for show ring, but can be registered and used in a breeding program).

Unfortunately, there are still very few breeders in Europe.


 At the beginning was ... Switzerland !!! Our two first maus came from Dianick Masson, Nil Blanc cattery :

Élendril du Nil Blanc (born June 2,1997, European Champion, variety best at the Fife 1999 World Show in Milano - Italy) arrived with his young girl friend Élinor du Nil Blanc (born May 2,1997)


Among their first babies, a darling smoke girl : Pakhet.


After other beautiful litters, Élinor and Élendril retired.

A cute Fleur du Nil Blanc, born April 16,1998, joined the company during summer 1998. At the same time arrived from the U.S.A. young and lovely silver girl Tavaron's Kiyasa, born March 18,1998, in order to enlarge the European genepool.

Photo Ulrike Schanz, Munich

During spring 1999, after long research, Marie-Christine Hallépée managed to bring back a bronze Egyptian Mau sire from Egypt, SAHOURÊ of Fondcombe

  Photo Ulrike Schanz, Munich


and at last :

July 8,2000 : Élinor and Sahourê offered us 3 silver girls and 1 bronze male.

Fondcombe's Renen, silver female, is staying with us in order to continue the Egyptian line

Fondcombe's Rechout of Tavaron, silver female,

and Fondcombe's Resou of Brockhaven, bronze male,

during shows in the U.S.A. where they now live.
Both will introduce the new Egyptian line in the U.S.A.

July 11,2000 : Nout and Sahourê had two bronze boys.

Fondcombe's Rahès-Rê and his friend Romance

Fondcombe's Reneb with his favorite cuddly toy

Septembre 5,2000 : Fleur and Sen-Sen had 1 boy and 2 girls, all silver.

Daddy Sen-Sen playing with his children : a 2nd childhhood !

More pics of these kitties ? Click here !

To buy Egyptian Mau cats in Europe, or to contact American breeders we know, contact us

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