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  • Though I did not realize it at the time, the path to my own self-discovery as an Angelic, or Angelkin, began one day downtown on a Thursday afternoon when I just happened to notice a book on the shelf titled "Earth Angels" by Doreen Virtue. I bought it as it was not too expensive and spent a good part of the remaining afternoon reading it in my car. It is a very good book for anyone really who might feel themselves to be an Otherkin, more as an introduction into the topic then anything else. Humouresly enough, I felt myself more equated with the chapter on Star People then I did for Angels, however the idea that I was an Alien from the Dog Star (or some other heavenly body) did not ring true with me at all.

    I believe I left the topic for a long while after that, but the thoughts of Earth Angels and Otherkin swam about in my head for the many months to come, an undercurrent of ideas and feelings I didn't quite understand and couldn't seem to work out. Eventually through my travels I came across for the first time the term of "Otherkin" on the net, and pursued it a bit further. I didn't have to pursue it for very longer actually, till my search turned up a small truckload of online communities and websites dedicated to the subject.

    I spent quite some time in these, before through much soul searching, meditation and reading I came to a hard realization that I was Angelkin - and even in saying it like this, it makes it sound an easy process. It was not. I did not feel any gravitation between myself and the modern "inspirational" idea of Angels...one day I came to the conclusion it was another form of the Angels that I was seeking in my heart...something else, a truth beneath the surface of the water, that I had to uncover. All I knew about Angels had to be forgotten, in order to relearn anew. In doing this, I also had to relearn what I knew about myself. Am I not human? Am I now different then I had been before? Who am I? These are the sorts of disturbing thoughts that plagued my mind for the weeks to come of soul-searching and research.

    It was a television show infact that held the most important key for me - an anime known as Neon Genesis Evangelion. The Angels presented here in fact were not fluffy winged benevolant helpers of mankind, but rather the monstrous & malevolant alternate forms of human beings that we might of become. This different viewpoint of Angels as violent and destructive beings of Power was fascinating to me, and as I researched further into this issue just a little I was led into a world of the Kabalah and Tree of Life, Angelology, the Torah and Genesis.

    Without going into much more detail of my own personal journey then I already have, I will continue to say a few words about what being an Angelic or Angelkin means to me. In my heart, as the foundation of truth that makes up my being and whole intuitional purpose of being in this world, several tasks:

    - As an individual being to myself, to continue my own evolution and lessons of emotions and life
    - To find those who also equate themselves with Angelkin and aid them in reawakening
    - To teach those whom I am meant to teach the spiritual truths of Love, Acceptance and Healing as well as their connection within themselves and their hearts to the great unknowable God (Ain Soph)
    - To help aid the growth of Spiritual Consciousness in this world

    I have lived 9 human lives upon Earth including the current incarnation, and my intuition is strongly that this current life is in great preparation for my next, which shall be my last on Earth. I am not a Fallen Angel, but a agent of that which we call Heaven and God sent to Earth to do his/her work. I equate myself strongly with the Hierarchy of the Cherubim (Kerubim) as they are revealed to Ezekiel in his vision of the Seven Heavens and Hells. Cherubim are Angels of the Divine Wisdom, portrayed with Four wings and four heads (one of a man, an ox, an eagle and a bull) and they are the drivers of God's Chariot. Though I don't fully understand that latter part, much of this profile to me makes sense and feels right in a strange way.

    Not all - or many - Angelkin may conform to this idea of angels either, as I relate myself to a very particular form or idea of Angels. There are many others that are not considered to be the Servants or Messengers of a Deity or God(s). Some follow a path that does not necasarily lead them to a particular Deity/God(s), but to a totally different direction. For example, Watchers are a type of Angel (Grigori) that often are associated with not having any particular religious/spiritual ties to a deity.

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