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Steam boating and the JBO 2000

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Water skiing diary 21:05 24/10/01, Glastron boats 15:29 05/12/00, Kite buggying 18:38 28/12/00,
Telescope making 21:38 22/02/01, Model jet engines 15:30 05/12/00, Pike fishing 15:31 05/12/00,
Steam boating 21:17 24/10/01, JBO 2001 22:47 12/10/01.

Water skiing inc. the JBO '99.
Glastron GT150 This is my 1974 Glastron GT150. I love this boat and intend keeping it for a very long time.

It was a wreck when I bought it and took me 8 weeks to restore working on it virtually every day.

I had one of these in the late 80's and regretted selling it for many years after. They are a truely iconic boat which I have liked since childhood.

Connely Eclipse This is me (happy chappy number one) It's the year 2000 and I've just tried out a new slalom ski.

It's a Connely Eclipse 68 and the reason I'm happy is that my slalom skiing has just improved by 100% after using it.
From this point on, slalom became my main interest when on the water.

This picture was taken at our local 200 acre club water in July 2000.
We still ski there to this day and are responsible for maintaining the club's slalom course.

HO Venture This is Graham (happy chappy number two) having just purchased his new ski, an H.O. Venture. His skiing probably WILL improve when he puts it on and tries it !

Graham's crackers on skiing and I reckon if you chopped him in half it'd say 'slalom' all the way through.

Our wetsuits and ski vests are by Marlin.
The suits are 5mm Titanium Nordics and we wouldn't be without them for 90% of the year.

The water temperature peaked at 17 oC in the lake this summer.

Slalom Course Me scratching round buoy #3 on the slalom course using an 18.25m rope. The boat speed was 26mph.
That orange buoy is 11.5m from the centre line of the course.

Jolly Boys Every September we go on the "Jolly Boys' Outing" to Lake Windermere in Cumbria. We ski, walk, drink and eat, in that order for 3 to 4 days.
This is the 1999 lineup.(from left) Me, Lucky Graham, Mad Bob and Tony.
I call Graham lucky because he went skiing on Friday 13th, ran over an albatross on the way to the lake and still managed to slalom all 6 buoys for the first time. We call Bob mad, because he is.
Boat driver This is a shot from the JBO'99 showing Tony driving with Graham and Bob skiing. I'm taking the photo.
The boat is a 16ft Simms Bowrider, which was great for the '99 trip.
Tony's head isn't as tall as it might appear, he keeps a balloon kit under his hat so that during times of rest he can entertain us by making sausage dogs and funny shapes.
Water skier This is a great shot of Windermere, showing the superb water conditions we had that year.
In case you didn't know, water sports, on Windermere, are under threat. All boating, at above 10mph will be banned from March 2005 as a speed limit is to be introduced. There is no proposed exception and local people are devastated as Windermere is one of the few places, in England, where tourism is healthy rather than painfull.
To find out more, have a look at www.noslow.org.uk.
And if you're interested sign the petition at www.bwsf.co.uk/petition/default.htm.

Check out the JBO 2000 and now, just uploaded, the JBO 2001
Stay posted for other leisure subjects and much more also.
As well as skiing and piking, Graham is a
Ducati nut. He is owned by a 748 so if you want to know anything about them or just need convincing that you need one, drop him a line.
Or check out his web site in 'Other interesting links'.
Have a look at our 2001 Ski Diary.

Water skiing, Glastron boats, Kite Buggying,

Telescope making, Model jet engines, Pike fishing,

Steam boating and the JBO 2000

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