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Model Horses

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OF Breyer Moon Shadows

Have you ever heard of Breyer horses??? These are generally equine models made from plastic and painted in various horse colors. Behind the horses is a growing hobby of collectors and artists who show, paint, customize, sell, trade, buy, race, and even assign pedigrees to their models. Check out some of the below links for more information!

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Abbreviations & Glossary
Introduction to Informal Racing
Live Show FAQ
Customizing Terms
Model Horse Photography
Tips for Making Photo Show Judges Happier
Sources To Help You Identify Your Breyers
The Model Horse Improved Business Bureau
How much is my model worth?
Introduction to Pedigree Assignment
The Haynet Mailing List
Model Horse Publications
Creating Your Own Web Page (It's EASY!)
Tack Reference Photos (photos I've taken to help hitch models)
Sites from Breyerfest 1997
Braycrest Acres (Meet my horse and some donkey friends!)
Looking for...
Comments (Please take a few minutes to fill out my comments form.)
*MORE* Links!!! (Including some already listed below. Under Construction!)

Links to other sites on the Web

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Most Important Model Horse Links...

Model Horse Gallery
Haynet Archives
Equinet Model Ads
Sales Pages/Judging Clinics/Link Search

My Horsey Neighbors in Heartland, Heartland Plains, and Heartland Hills...

Casey's Model Horse Page - Tips on holding photos shows, a sales list, and more!
Orion Star Farms - Models For Sale, Wanted, Show Lists
Kenike's Page
Driving In Color
Tracie's Web Page
Model Repaint Service
Model Animal Collector's Club
Cow's Barnyard (shows a bay lipizzaner!)
Mysty Acres' Page (A Canadian Enthusiast)
Mary's Home Page
Foxpaus Pawprints

Other Model Horse Links...

Sue Sudekum's Page (Information on Showing and Customizing)
Elaine's Temporary Home Page
Deb's Web Page
Hurricane Farms
Model Horse Web Page
Free Online Photo Show - View the entries!

Meso pic by Sara Donovan

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Introduction to Model Horses

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