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May 2000

Welcome to the May 2000 Online Edition of the Mountain View Mirror...the monthly newsletter of the Mountain View Girl Scout Neighborhood 2-4. Here are the topics you can find more information about in this document:
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Neighborhood News


When you are a Girl Scout,
Life is special, there’s no doubt.
Doors will open far and wide
With lasting memories.

Friends are made and skills are learned,
Growing strong with every turn
Amid the smiles, goals are reached
And new ones set.

Promises are kept,
We abide by the Law.
Known for our cookie sales
But there is so much more.

Camping, singing, and service, too
Crafts and hiking are all for you.
When you are a Girl Scout,
Your dreams can come true.

Words by Leaders of Neighborhood 2-4


When you are a leader's kid, you have a different view
Of all the things you learn, and all the things you do

You need to be an example, of how every Brownie should be
And sometimes it gets tough, and I want to just be me

You try out all the crafts, way ahead of time
And if they run out of materials, the unfinished one is mine

Brownie Night is crazy, we get here way ahead
And by the time we get home, the other Brownies are in bed

You go to every camp, and on every extra trip
But when it comes to attention, you feel like you get gypped

I learned in Daisies to share, but what they didn't mention
Was when you share your mother, you also share her attention

The other girls get excited, on the night their mothers come
But my mother can't sit beside me, she's got a meeting to run

She has to be everyone's leader, not just mine alone
But she's always here on Tuesday, who'll do it if she stays home?

I'm glad my mother can make the time, to plan the crafts and learn the songs
And even though it's hard to share her, we still can get along

So thank you Mom for being here, it fills my heart with pride
To see you working every week, even when I'm not by your side

Because of you, we all have a place, to go and have some fun
Our leaders have taught us many things, and I'm glad that you've been one

You won't always be my leader, there'll be others just like you
And when my kid's a Brownie, I'll be her leader too.

~ Copyright 2000 Shelley Haggert - Not to be used, in part or in whole, without the author's permission. May be used within Guiding with proper credit.


The bridging representative committee would like to invite all the troops in the Mt. View Neighborhood to this year's bridging ceremony, entitled "Once Upon a Girl Scout".

The ceremony will be held Tuesday, June 6 at Wy'east Middle School starting at 7:00 p.m.

Attention Bridging Troops: The rehearsal for the bridging ceremony is slated for Tuesday, May 30 at Wy'east Middle School from 6:30 - 8:00 p.m. ALL bridging girls and leaders should be in attendance, and permission slips are required. Please bring your troop roster and rainbow hand prints if you have not already turned them in. If possible, your fairy tale creatures should also be turned in at the rehearsal. Remember to label the back of them with your name and troop number so we can return them to you at the end of the ceremony. Please call Gail B or Suzanne B if you have any questions.

News of Note for Everyone!

Tuesday, May 30 - MANDATORY rehearsal for troops with girls bridging / Wy'East Middle School Auditorium from 6:30 - 8:00 p.m. Permission slips required.

Tuesday, June 6 - Bridging Ceremony at Wy'East Middle School Auditorium at 7:00 p.m. Bridging troops will need to be there by 6:30 p.m. Permission slips required. All troops are welcome to attend and support those girls bridging.

Monday, June 19 - End of the Year Troop Leader's meeting at Orchards Park.

Camp Segonku - There are still a few openings, so send in registrations ASAP. Do you have any of the following supplies you would like to donate to this summer's Camp Segonku program? If you have ribbon, yarn, old wooden tennis racquets, feathers, beads, bells, etc., please contact Gail B. We are also looking for a four-color wheel (common in the 70's) and magnifying glasses to borrow.

There are still some spaces left for this summer's Camp Segonku, so get your registrations sent in ASAP. We are in need of adult volunteers as well. It is truly a fun filled week for all the campers and leaders. Also, we are in need of 3-4 yard chunks of print or solid fabrics to be used at Day Camp. If you would like to donate fabric, please call Gail B.

Cookie prizes are available for pick up from Diana S. If you are not able to pick up the prizes prior to Monday's Neighborhood meeting, they will be available at the meeting. Please check your prizes carefully and notify Diana S ASAP if you are missing or have extra prizes.

Here is a great item for your Girl Scout Troop!

This is a wonderful gift for your troop or for leaders. Makes a great gift idea for end of the year ceremony or an extra surprise for Christmas.

The card says "Make new friends, but keep the old. One is silver, the other is gold." These cute pins are 2" x 1 1/4 " and are gold and silver tone with a bar clasp.

The cost of the pins is $2.95 each. There is a minimum order of 9 pins. Shipping is $3.50 on any size order.

Please email us and include the following:

Program Ideas
“Girls Own” - An unofficial cyberzine for Girl Scouts, Girl Guides, and ALL girls!

Memorial Day
What Is It Really?

The year is 1864. Picture a teenage girl walking through a cemetery, bringing an armful of flowers for her late father, a surgeon in the Union army. Only a few tombstones away is a woman with a basket of handpicked flowers for her son, a private in the Union Army who lost his life in battle only a few months prior.

The two women, strangers until this moment, come together to share their memories, and in a gesture of empathy, the older woman takes a few blossoms from her basket and lays them on the surgeon's grave, and in return, the younger woman draws a few flowers from her bouquet and places them on the grave of the soldier who lost his life when he was only a few months older than she. Finally, the two women make a pact to return the following year to decorate not just these two graves, but also the tombs of fallen soldiers who have no loved ones to remember them.

Now multiply this scene by the hundreds of small towns who gave up their sons, husbands and fathers to the War Between the States. This is how Memorial Day began, in the hearts of those they left behind. It endures today as a time when we remember all those who gave the ultimate sacrifice to defend the principles for which we stand.

It is tempting to celebrate Memorial Day by shopping the sales and having a picnic, but with a little effort your Memorial celebration can be a truly meaningful experience.

It can be a an act as sweet and simple as taking a bunch of flowers into a veteran's cemetery and leaving a bloom at each undecorated headstone, or you could discover your own fallen heroes by interviewing older family members to find out if there were brothers, uncles, and cousins who went to war and never returned.

As a member of a troop, there are many opportunities to participate in parades, memorial services, flag ceremonies, or other civic displays of patriotism. Alternately, you could volunteer to do a poster or decorate a display case for your school. You can contact a local veteran's association, like the VFW or the FRA, and many times they will happily find you an opportunity to participate.

Lastly, don't forget the POWs and the MIAs, our "invisible" lost soldiers. They need to be remembered even more than the ones known to have died in battle.

Memorial Day Swap

You can make this swap from scraps, if you have them, or you can buy patriotic fabric. An eighth of a yard of the blue fabric and a quarter yard of the striped fabric will produce around 20 swaps. Button thread is stronger and easier to use than regular thread for this project. Don't worry about the thread color, it won't show. Making yoyos like this is older than Memorial Day itself, and was frequently used in centuries past as a way to teach young girls how to sew.

You will need:

With a doubled thread, sew a gathering stitch around the outside of the large circle, about a quarter inch (6mm) from the edge. Gently pull both ends tight, keeping the right side of the fabric to the outside, and tucking the raw edges inside the hole. This forms a round little puff called a yoyo. Pat it flat, with the pucker on top. Repeat with the small circle.

Stack as follows: put the pin back on the bottom, the large yoyo, the small yoyo, and finally the button. Sew all four pieces together with a quadrupled thread, passing the needle up and down the center of the stack.

Council Quotes

 Use a G.R.E.A.T. Guide form to register for “Footprints In Time” Encampment 2000. Friday night, September 8 is an optional night only for those choosing to tent camp. This night is designed for Girl Scout troops driving long distances who would have a difficult time arriving early on Saturday morning. No food or program activities will be offered that night. The event will begin Saturday morning and end on Sunday morning September 9-10. As Girl Scout troops register they will receive an interest indicator. There are only approximately 400 beds available at the site. Beds will be filled on a lottery basis if necessary.

Be a part of this exciting event – let’s all join together to meet girls and adults from throughout the council. Currently over 400 girls and adults have registered for the Encampment. If your Girl Scout troop has not registered do so immediately. Time is of the essence and beds are limited! In order to serve as many people as possible, tenting is an option. A variety of tent sites are available. Girl Scout Troops may join in just day activities on Saturday and sleep at home that evening after the Girl Scout Celebration is over.

Celebrate! Join together with other Girl Scouts as part of the Encampment and celebrate your Girl Scout troop’s accomplishments of the last year. You don’t have to attend the whole Encampment to be a part of the celebration. Look for a mailing about the Encampment and the celebration soon, to make sure your Girl Scout troop is included in the party.

Just because the school year is almost over doesn’t mean the Girl Scout troop year is. Brainstorm ideas with Girl Scout leaders of things they can do with their Girl Scout troops to keep the girls’ interest through the summer. Girl Scout troops may want to plan a potluck to get together halfway through the summer to share with each other about recent camp experiences. Work on an outdoor-related badge while the weather is cooperating.

Let Girl Scout leaders know that the G.R.E.A.T. Guide Preview will be mailed in late May / early June to all Girl Scout leaders. The Preview lists events and trainings scheduled for September – November and a registration form. It’s a wonderful tool to use with the girls to have them pick one or two activities they might like to do. This gives the girls a beginning to the new year and something else to look forward to.

As the school year comes to a close, Girl Scout troops will tend to scatter over the summer. Girl Scout leaders might want to get their girls looking forward to some activities that will take place in the fall. One good way to do this is to see if the Girl Scout troops are interested in running a G.R.E.A.T. Guide event next fall. Or they may be interested in planning a Neighborhood event. Programs of a progressive nature may be started now, rather than waiting until summer is over. However you want to do it, now is the time to be planning activities that will excite and motivate the girls to come back in the fall and continue in Girl Scouting.


G.R.E.A.T. Guides will be mailed in August.

Day Camps are taking place throughout the council this summer. Volunteers are needed to make these programs memorable for the girls who attend them. Check your Summer Programs 2000 booklet to find a day camp near you. Fill out the volunteer registration form to get in on the fun.

Is the Day Camp near you full? How about trying a new camp? Many camps still have openings for girls, so don’t give up yet. Look for a camp near you or your work and call the event line to see if there are still openings.

Troop Talk

Daisy Doings

This section is for you, the Daisy Troop Leader, to report what your troop has been doing the past month. Please let us know what you have been up to!

Brownie Bits

This section is for you, the Brownie Troop Leader, to report what your troop has been doing the past month. Please let us know what you have been up to!

Troop # 224 (Sue F / Gail B / Laurie H) -- – The girls have been busy working on the World Neighbors Junior Badge for bridging and finishing up work on the Safety Try-It. At a recent meeting the girls had a game day where they learned a variety of games. This will be the first year that this troop will be attending the Neighborhood Campout, and those girls able to go are really looking forward to this opportunity. The troop is organizing a Father-Daughter event next month and plan an end of the year activity.

Troop #1108 (Diane K / Nichole J) - This month we participated in a fashion show with Deb W's troop. The girls had a fun time getting ready for it by practicing the walk and spin. It turned out very cute and the girls had a good experience. We have also been preparing for camp. We all made a huge wonderful mess painting out camp shirts. And we also made our sit-up-ons. The girls made little flower pot pens for their moms for Mother's Day. We are also going to do one of our cookie sale goals. We are going to see a movie.

Junior Journal

This section is for you, the Junior Troop Leader, to report what your troop has been doing the past month. Please let us know what you have been up to!

Troop #1635(Diana S / Donna M) - The girls finished their Theater badge with a play for their parents. They adapted the play from a book, did the scenery, costumes, and lightening. It was well done. We are working on the Looking your Best badge now. They spent 2 hours at Limited II, which showed them how a store is ran, merchandizing, and they finished the evening with a fashion show. This week we are having a Mary Kay rep show them how to apply makeup and next week a hair stylist will be working with their hair.

We are getting ready for a slumber party with girls that were in our troop the past years. We'll be opening up our time capsule that we put together the first year of Juniors. We are also going to the council swim party and going camping at Silver Falls Park for two nights. Bridging ceremony is on our agenda this month also. Next year we will be Cadettes.

Troop #7311 (Kathy G / Glorian T / Rita L-M) - - This month was spent finishing up our Junior Aide Badge. We did this by planning and hosting a meeting with Brownie troop 852. Our Juniors did a great job of planning songs, a game and a section about Endangered Species in WA to complete the Wildlife badge, too. We also got together with Brownie troop 209 and Dawn Dean's Daisy troop to plant our community garden. This was rather a soggy occasion, but the garden is in now and thriving. Now, we are busy planning our menu for the Neighborhood camp out. Can't Wait!!

Cadette & Senior Sentinel

This section is for you, the Cadette or Senior Troop Leader or Cadette or Senior Girl, to report what your troop has been doing the past month. Please let us know what you have been up to!

Dates to Remember

May 30 ………………….….Neighborhood Bridging Rehearsal
June 1 ……..#Troop Camp Reservations for 2000-2001 Open
June 2-4 ………Neighborhood Campout at Camp Namanu
June 10 ………...Camp Segonku Day Camp LeadersTraining
June 6 ………………..…Neighborhood Bridging Ceremony
June 19 ……...….Neighborhood Meeting at Orchards Park
July 31 – August 4 ………………Camp Segonku Day Camp

# = Council Event - not all events listed. Please check your G.R.E.A.T. Guide for more information.
* = Sponsored by another Neighborhood

Service Team

1999-2000 Service Team

Neighborhood Chair………… Roxanne G
Organizer………………………Judy C
Membership Team ………….. Lynn K / Virginia S
Registrar .……………………...Suzanne B
Leader Support Team …(Brownie) Natalie L / (Daisy) Nichole J / (Brownie) Sue F / (Cadette) Roxanne G
Cookie Chair ………...………...Linda S
Treasurer……….……………….Jan A
Awards & Recognitions ………LeAnn C
Events Team ………………....Carol J / Diana A
Community Resources ………Mary Beth J
Family Giving …………………Deb W

Mirror Contributors

Editor………………………..…………….….Gail B
Neighborhood News................Service Team
Council Quotes…………………..…….Delivery Team Dispatch
Program Ideas……………………………………....Gail B
Troop News……………………………………………Our Troops

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