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DI TI DI MO (Do It, Take It, Dump It, Move On)

Thoughts surrounding this TENET :

Either: You know something but you don't act on your information - things go wrong, you dwell on it and even kick yourself when it's too late.

Or: You believe you know something, you dive straight in to it with energy - things go right or not right for you, you dwell on nothing because you are interested in running with the success flow or diving into the next challenge.

.     .   .   .  . ... OR ?

  WHY GTL  so  DIN !  (What Have You Got To Lose so Do It Now)

These two well used tenets of our time (above), fell short of the mark but have been pulled into the 'now'.

Sure, you all know people that "dwell" or "hesitate" and you all see people that "eyes down" and "move on".

If you follow us on this one then follow this link to the Night Wanderers who are a group of our characters that dwell on past victories, hanker for securities, torch the way ahead thus thwart forward thinkers.

Does a 'forward thinker' like Albert Einstein, encourage us to 'move on'? His "e = mc2"  is (probably) the first big tenet written for the Universe by an earthling. It's easier not to push your mind that extra mile towards the centre of infinity but we reckon that's where the action is, and where all journies revolve.

'the world we have
 created today
 has problems which
 cannot be solved by
 thinking the way we
 thought when we
 created them.'

Albert Einstein (1879-1955)

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