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H.& C. my B-C!
(Hot and Cold my Ball-Cock!)

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Hedradwall Cabbard raised his barrel
At the Suejuice Bird - in best apparel.
His flight or plight -  to west or east
Was 'soar away', or 'die as feast'!

The shutters closed in and around.

Most fond peekers made no sound but backed from blinds and thus could see not what or how the end would be. One shot was fired from rod of two but missed and hit a stanky flue.

"My Ball-Cock"! shouted out a man who chased as far as catch it can but stopped on edge by rope stretched tight his murmured "You"! issued at height.

"You'll stop my Wind, you gunning fart, get off my windcock shoo depart. My balcony's not made for rope and old green flippered shooting blokes.

The Suejuice Bird stood very still, not wishing anybody ill, reflecting on the second shot from Cabbard's gun and the winded sot who's fate pre-packed by "let him be" was sheltered from sobriety!

And in this state of stanky poo, our characters exist for you. This site was simply meant to be, subfusc of tone and all for free! Indicative of what's to be and relevant for you and me if staid beliefs perpetuate the stage-struck state of Earth's stale mate.

This Earth just shouts "it was not me! You humans said you'd stop for tea; and in your gun-fun plop and goo you staled my aura and each dew. You'll stop my Wind, my rain you'll stain as you cause my structure pain. I will not say 'get off depart'  as you are still in need of 'heart' and whilst this lumpus base I keep, I'll abide your wake and sleep. But trump I hold and I'll elute the lot of you by ethered boot and send you on if you persist insensibly in human gist".

This thought and illustrative view - a harbinger of present pooh.

Your actions now are in your hands, please help to make World's Bestest Plans.


(Tomlinson and Jesse 1996)

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