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(Good Riddance Ever Eating Duck)

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Hannibal Quack
Had lost his knack
For eating other ducks.

He'd nibbled a few
Of 'ducklings' new
He'd eat their toes
And parson's nose
But now in bed
And over-fed
He's nothing rich
Within his head

Hannibal Quack
Turned on his friends
And ate them all
     - made no amends

He'd fly with them - Up high to view
His meal's four sides - Then start to chew
But now in bed - His wings are dead.
Still only greed - Lives in his head.

A Picture pinned upon his wall depicts his 'family' waddling tall
Still side by side, his skin, their bone, are laid in rest as picture shown.

This scene's in our web gallery
To show what can but need not be
This webbed-foot tale of 'quacks for tea'
Is ancient law and not for thee
For surely now we're all inbred
To store more sense within the head.


(Tomlinson and Jesse 1996)

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