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BRANCH TENET (Uncatalogued 2001) :
(The Beggar From Valhalla)

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A Beggar from Valhalla
Would make a lovely pet.
I'd dye its hair a shade of Green,
its nails I would let grow.
I'd fly it free infront of me, on ropes,
and not let go.

I picked an Orange from Seville in Spain
a year ago.
I made it legs and trained it well but still
it's walking slow.

A beggar from Valhalla
Would make a lovely kite
I'd feed it soup, religious verve, and
tuck it up at night,
then every morning 'fore the streets
I'd force a breakfast bite
And re-inform its spirit, that
'I knew God was right'.

My bird's a beak,
its patter's neat and kinda rough you know
It wears gold plumes and blusher
neath its French hat, called 'Chapeau'.

And on a sad and lonely peg leg
was this run in shoe,
Worn-in some Man ankled manner
Now a paper tiger spanner
figure head - the flock to show,
which ways best, and lead the row.

A beggar from Valhalla
Would make a lovely pet.
I emailed Norse to send me one
But haven't got it yet.

(Tomlinson and Jesse 1996)

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