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6 of 9 Growth Evolvements

(Old Day Dreamers Bolster Old Dilemmas - Good Old Dreamers Brew Okay Developments)

Thoughts surrounding this TENET :
Many ideas originate when you work out things without reference to anyone else. When people
meet and swop thoughts, their Brains juggle viewpoints and more ideas swell.

But isn't it sad that so many ideas are lost in consensus group conclusions when loaded in favour
of one, or a bunch of dominant cult thinkers?

Once it was thought that printing would move all ideas around the World soon after it was invented, but in those days, few people had individual print and distribution figured out, so the more dominant views spread further and thus had greater influence. We are still under the clouds of past and present hard copy dominants.

Can the internet go the same way or can YOU keep it "different" for YOU?

Smile! Here we are!

You read this in a networked World of our making. Sure, it includes the parts "they made" (those that created the things and attitudes which we inherit), but it also includes the stuff we gurgitate.

If we readily adopt the ideas and things that were thought up before our arrival into this earthbound state, then they we must be confident that we are adopting them because they are right for us all and our shared type of future. We must feel for present ideas and dictums as if we were their originators. If we cannot feel that responsibility, it's no good suffering and blaming the original originators .... they are long dead humans that did what was right for THEM in THEIR window of Planet Time.

It's no good judging them either for the same reason ..... it's a waste of time ... they are dead or originating things anew for themselves in their new celestial quarters (or otherwise).

We can say this, but can we do it? Yes we can!

This is the way to grow. This is the way to true fast-track evolvement.

.....And if it works well for the future we have done a fantastic job.
.....and if it works well for everyone's 'now' we have done great.
.....But if anyone thinks it can change our past, lock them up fast,
for they may attempt to carry forward their inbalances and slow down your growth evolvements!

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