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7 of 9 The Forests of Equilibrium


Thoughts surrounding this TENET :
There's that phrase re-phrased again, 'Sustainable Development'!
Face it, there's a pretty final World War raging up as you read this,
and it's strength of mind this time that will win, not body.

Which side are you on?

If you are on the 'other' side, and still devoted to
any actions on the following list:

fatal maimings
oppressive regimes
stifling talent
freezing options
restricting freedoms

you should proceed to the Planet Departure Lounge immediately
where all of tomorrows' people will give you a great send off.

Those still debating with themselves should
decide whether they are going to 'Move Or Suck Soil'. (M.O.S.S.)

move    vb.   to change.
suck soil    vb.    1.  a 'rooted' action, the opposite of
locomotion, in which an idea or person vegetates.
2.    the act of doing nothing but existing as is.   MORE .......

As Tenets go, this is the one closest to Yin and Yan. An equilibrium in the forest, glen, sea, air and ground might be impossible and not a good goal to aim for, but the match must be continued and the opposition should score occassionaly.

Tenets? well, even tenets should re-tenetify themselves and have counter-tenets thrown at them regularly. The test of time, is time itself. Those beliefs that last, are the interesting ones to observe. Those beliefs that change, are the valuable ones to support.

                 Where do Tenets come from?    How have they evolved?  MORE .....

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