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8 of 9 Peeling & Layers

WISAYWYG (Wise Infinity Stratums Are Yours When You Germinate)

Thoughts surrounding this TENET :
Have you noticed, there's always something behind everything (Makes it difficult to survive as a
happy simpleton or innocent sinner) So few 'human things' are straight forward as we wade in to
disagree on aspects of socio- economico- politico- texaco- and even methods of disease transmission
in farmstock.

Peeling needs thorough research and layers need constant cross-linking to compute.

When we think about teaching the newer Brains amongst us to cope and prosper, we
must think about a revolution in thinking.  It will be big, equally as World Changing as
the Industrial Revolution, and it will take us through our next lump of human development so
long as we include sustainability in the same big picture.

But is 'Sustainable Development' in 'everyone's inner dictionary of driving passions?

Noooo ! 'cos we know two ex-showroom car sales giants who couldn't care a toss!

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